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Project 365 | 1.13.2011

We needed to return some books to the library today. I knew this was in DT Mesa somewhere (ended up being right around the corner from the library) and decided we needed to go see it. To my surprise, Ryan said he'd go too! I learned later in the car that he thought we were going to Chase Field - he didn't know there was more than one All Star Cactus! ROFL! Oh well - I got some cute photos and he got curly fries after!

He thought the water fountain was so fun! Can you tell??? LOL!

I wondered why this one was all crooked, then Ryan pointed out that it's broken off the base! So sad... you can see a piece of it right there. Also, kinda surprised no one had tried to run away with it yet.

"M" for Matthew!!!!!

Matthew was fascinated with the bus stop for some reason - LOL! So I let the bench take a photo for us...

more in focus - but my eyes are closed - LOL!

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