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Project 365 | 7.26.2011

He was up bright and early again...  6am. Ready to go. Ready to play.
I am not.
LOL! Before I knew it - he had these out of the closet and set up in the living room. Sweet talked the dogs into getting in it with him.
Lots of little things to do today - we need to go to the library to turn in their reading logs for the summer. They did it all! Need to go to the store for some small stuff. They will go to Gma's for a bit while I have a appointment at the dermitologist today to check on my arm. Hopefully I'll get another photo of it today. May come back and share it. So far, the photos are too yucky and graphic to share. I may "pc" them and share, we'll see. A nice big smily face would cover it - LOL!


64/2 | week 15 | timberwolf

64/2 | week 15 | timberwolf, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.
For the group www.flickr.com/groups/sixtyfourcolors_roundtwo/

Macro of a tin bucket that I have hanging in my office...

Wow - somewhere along the way - I got my weeks all mixed up. I fixed them on Flickr. May go back here on the blog... may not.


Project 365 | 7.25.2011

Therapy Day today! Miss Adrian came first. She brought the ball drop game (Don't know it's "real" name! LOL!). I love it when she brings it, because the photographer in me knows the photos will vibrant for that day - LOL! (She'll get a giggle out of that too!)

Can you see someone in the background?

He was pretty comfy.

I wrote down a couple of the sentances that Matthew said this weekend. His language just seems to be improving so much lately.
"I can't reach it!"
"Let's go make muffins!"
Complete 4 word sentances with contractions and everything! Love it!!!!

Then Miss Lynnette came. You did a couple of the worksheets again and then played Wii. You did bowling, golf and baseball.

We haven't been swimming as much. Last night we had another big storm. There's a little bit of dirt, leaves in the pool that we need to get cleaned out. I can't get my arm wet (probably for weeks - makes life interesting), and it's a little hot to go sit out there without being in the water. Matthew goes in when Daddy gets home most nights, but tonight they didn't for some reason.


Project 365 | 7.24.2011

Today was pretty much about cleaning up the house. I had started to paint our bedroom on Wed. (subsequently ignoring the dust bunny/dog hairballs that were already rolling across the floors). With the way Thurs and Fri went with my arm, I had to stop all of that for now - along with running  :(  So - that brought us to Sunday and it was time to clean up. We got most of it done, just needed to do the floors. And once again, thankfully I waited, for it stormed last night and it's muddy. Smokey can't resist the mud. Ugh, Ack and a few choice cuss words too. I do have to vaccum again, for he managed to tag 2 out of 4 of the carpets in here too. At least the backyard got cleaned up before it stormed. Michael and Matthew took a swim break for a bit.


Project 365 | 7.23.2011

Today was Matthew's first Special Olympics Swim practice. Michael had to work and Ryan spent the night at Gma/Gpa's. Gpa took him to a train swap today. So - it was just Matthew and I. I wasn't sure how he'd do - but he was a rock star! I talked to him about it as we were going. That it was a big pool and that he couldn't go play - but needed to listen to the coach. It's a 25 yard pool and he swam it twice on his own today! Woot! He didn't put his head under this time, which will make him faster next time, but he did it and did awesome! First thing, they did some stretching exercises. They swam one time across. Then they did a few kicking exercises, then went to the other side and went across (timed) a second time. I should have asked what his time was, just to know, but I didn't.
Waiting his turn to get in...

Ready to do the distance the 1st time across!

Coming back the second time.


Project 365 | 7.22.2011

Yesterday I went to a dermatologist and walked out with a hunk of my arm missing. I was called on Tuesday and told the results of the biopsy from last Thurs. The area was "changing into melanoma" and I needed to be seen by a dermatologist quickly. So my appointment was today. I ended up having the large freckle on my arm removed and sent out for another biopsy. They had to make sure the area was completely removed, or they'd have to go back in and remove some more, so that it won't metastasize. I've had the call this morning that they've got it all and now have an appointment to to back in for a piece of pig skin to be stitched into the place to cover it. Yes - it's big enough that they can't just stitch me shut. Fun.

I knew it was going to have to be removed per the conversation with the nurse from the doc's office. I knew it. I went into the derm. being told it would be a consult and the surgery would be scheduled for later. But then, due to scheduling with me, I was having surgery within 1/2 hour of meeting the dermatologist. And it's a pretty large area on my arm. Kind of a shock when it's all said and done. Didn't sleep well last night. Arm doesn't hurt, but it just doesn't feel right.
So - today - it's all good again. Done feeling sorry for myself. Sure, the pig and I are going to become super close friends - family. Sure I'm going to have a nice scar there. But it's way, way better than the alternative! I'll take it...

Moral of the story - wear sunscreen and lots of it. Make sure you keep watch on your body. I've had this area for years. I've had it checked by the doc Doc each year for several years now. But in the last few months, it had crusted over a couple of times. Like I'd scraped it on something, but I hadn't. And on that last time - I had it checked by the doc a week ago and he biopsied it. He didn't seem to think it was anything either.
But it was.

And, if you know me, of course I had to go pick up my camera this morning. I needed pretty, so pretty is what I found.

I forgot to explain this photo. He made me giggle out loud today. He had the full costume on and The Fresh Beat Band song "Get Up and Go!" came on. I turn to see him dancing and singing along with the video. So, so cute!!!


Project 365 | 7.21.2011

Yesterday, you got out the dog's brush and terrorized brushed the dogs for awhile. Today you got it out again and I look over to see you in the chair with Bella, calmly brushing her! Too cute!


Project 365 | 7.20.2011

Matthew got out this marble/block set a couple days ago. Today you both sat at the dining room table and set up it and rolled out the marbles for quite awhile, fairly drama free!


Project 365 | 7.19.2011

A nice quiet day today. Matthew was up early - of course - 6am. I tried to get him to snuggle back down with me - but it didn't work. We got up, I did a quick workout and then on with the day. I think this is my last sunflower for the season. The stalks are drying out and there are no more buds on them. Bummer. I have so enjoyed them this year and already can't wait for next...

Other than that - a quiet day. I've been in the bedroom scrapping more border off our walls in hopes of painting it before school starts back up. Less than a month to go.


Project 365 | 7.18.2011

Therapy Day today. Miss Adrian was here first. We played Uno Spin, which I didn't take any photos of. I was still eating breakfast! :) Then we played a quick game of Memory. Which I did take photos of  - LOL!

Then we left the house and took Ryan over to Gma's for the day. Matthew and I ran to the library to return books and then get some new ones. "Henry & Mudge" and "Mr. Putter & Tabby" are favorites right now. I picked up a couple of her "Poppleton" books too - we haven't read any of those yet. "Shark vs. Train" was last week's read-every-night fav, not sure what's going to be this week's stand out.
We picked up some lunch and came home. Miss Lynnette came later that afternoon. We started with a couple worksheets.

Then they painted.

And played with the Wendy's toy that he got at lunch.

These were on their last leg - I threw them away right after this. But they were still so pretty - just faded...


64/2 | week 11 | sky blue

64/2 | week 11 | sky blue, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.
For the group www.flickr.com/groups/sixtyfourcolors_roundtwo/


Project 365 | 7.17.2011

Made a yummy french toast breakfast this morning then the big boys - Michael and Ryan - went to the range for a bit. Michael needed to calibrate his Father's Day present (a laser sight) and he hadn't even shot with it on yet. We rented Rango from a Redbox and watched that. Then there was alot of swimming done, a bit of yard work and some tossing...


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