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You're gonna want one...

of your very own when you see the happy mail that I recieved today.
Oh, yes. Yes, you are.

The utter deliciousness of this is hard to describe. These are just a few of the hand-crafted, hand-decorated delight that is in this journal. I love it!!!! My super uber talented friend, Jenn, recently made herself a art/collage/doodly/sketchy journal and then made a few extras, one of which she gave away on her blog...   AND I WON!!!!!! Jenn and I have known each other online, seems like forever - we met back at The DigiChick wwwaaaayyyyy back at it's beginning. I have met the nicest people from that place from way back when. My crafting time is way cut back lately, but these pages are begging you to get in, roll up your sleeves and get a little dirty, so I need to MAKE time! I have really been wanting to get my hands on a smashbook lately and I think this is just one up from that!
Although I'm not sure if I want to - I might mess up it's loveliness - LOL!
But that's just what it's for, so I shall have to do my best. I have a couple of ideas circulating around in there for it, so will have to let it perculate a couple days and stare at it some more to see which fits...

Thank you so very much, Jenn!!!! For making an extra. For thinking of giving it away. For totally making my day today!!!!

And Seth, Dude - thanks for pulling out my name!!!!   :)

JennO  – (11:24 PM)  

Wow--it got to you a lot faster than I expected! I can't believe all those wonderful photos you took...and I'm just so happy you like! Have fun, that's the only requirement! :)

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