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You're gonna want one...

of your very own when you see the happy mail that I recieved today.
Oh, yes. Yes, you are.

The utter deliciousness of this is hard to describe. These are just a few of the hand-crafted, hand-decorated delight that is in this journal. I love it!!!! My super uber talented friend, Jenn, recently made herself a art/collage/doodly/sketchy journal and then made a few extras, one of which she gave away on her blog...   AND I WON!!!!!! Jenn and I have known each other online, seems like forever - we met back at The DigiChick wwwaaaayyyyy back at it's beginning. I have met the nicest people from that place from way back when. My crafting time is way cut back lately, but these pages are begging you to get in, roll up your sleeves and get a little dirty, so I need to MAKE time! I have really been wanting to get my hands on a smashbook lately and I think this is just one up from that!
Although I'm not sure if I want to - I might mess up it's loveliness - LOL!
But that's just what it's for, so I shall have to do my best. I have a couple of ideas circulating around in there for it, so will have to let it perculate a couple days and stare at it some more to see which fits...

Thank you so very much, Jenn!!!! For making an extra. For thinking of giving it away. For totally making my day today!!!!

And Seth, Dude - thanks for pulling out my name!!!!   :)



I signed up last minute (yesterday) for a run today. Ha! A local runner, Adam, has challenged runners to get out and run a 5K (3.1 miles) a couple of times a year. This was the 2nd annual "Sweat Your Thorns Off" (SYTO) virtual run, with the "Freeze Your Thorns Off" virtual run having been run last winter. Being a new follower to his blog, this is the 1st one I've participated in. He holds it world wide with the stipulation being that you run a 5K and then post to tell him about it. I was invited by Adam to join the group of runners that were meeting here locally to do it "live", but Michael ended up working today. Which means I was stuck here at the treadmill again (didn't quite feel like getting up at 4:30 to get it done before he went to work!). I also had a sneaking suspicion that as slow as I am - I would still be in the first 1/3 of the course when they were finishing it! LOL! When I 1st started thinking about doing this virtual race, I was excited with being able to get back out there and run outside. It's been a month or so since we got the treadmill and while it's absolutely wonderful to run when I want and not have to get up and back before he leaves for work, I really do miss running outside. I'm realizing it's just not as peaceful on the treadmill with both boys up. They come in and ask questions and I'm constantly keeping track of where Matthew is. But oh well - Michael didn't exactly want to work today either, so I can buck it up.
I did do a .35 mile walking warm up as I always do, but I didn't turn on my Nike+ until I had done that. So, my treamill stats are longer. I started out at 4mph and worked up to 5mph, where I stayed for awhile. Then I upped it to 5.8mph, but ended up going back down to 5.5. Finished the last .3 mile on 6mph.
Here's my Nike+ stats...

And here's the link to MyDailyMile

So - I did 3.1 miles in 39.03 minutes! Not as bad as I thought!  :) My splits were progressively faster, which I know is good too. But that's the magic of a treadmill too - LOL!  :)

Here's a photo of me with my "bib". No makeup on and kinda sweaty, so no close-ups - LOL!

Thanks, Adam, for a fun beginning to my day today!!!


64/2 | week 7 | yellow

64/2 | week 7 | yellow, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.
For the group www.flickr.com/groups/sixtyfourcolors_roundtwo/


Project 365 | 4.28.2011

Ryan had a soccer game after school today. Daddy came home early and Gma and Gpa met us there. It was a little warm again, but we made it through! It was at another school, so the boys went over on a bus and we met them there. They lost the game, but at least it was a good time.

After we got home - we got out the cake that we'd gottenthe day before, but hadn't eaten. Matthew had to light candles and sing Happy Birthday to me (again), then we had cake!


Project 365 | 4.27.2011

My Birthday Today!!!! Matthew snitched the camera again - notice a pattern here? (note - now - 2 months later - I'm starting to take it out of my purse with my phone at night, for he is taking both of them on a regular basis - LOL!) Cute feet photo though...

We were all going out to eat, but Gma offered to take the boys for us, so they went over there for a bit. I wanted to go eat at Joe's Farm Grill, so that's were we did. Then we went to Target to let me shop for a bit (picked up some new clothes). On the way to get the boys, we found ourselves by Krispy Kreme and we stopped in for my free dozen birthday donuts! Yum and double YUM!


Project 365 | 4.26.2011

Matthew snitched the camera (point&shoot) out of my purse this afternoon and took photos in the backyard. Until I found him and took it back - LOL! But it was kind of interesting to see what all he was seeing through the lens today and more interesting than anything I had figured out to photograph. So here are a few of his photos! Apparently Bella was feeling more photogenic than Smokey that day too!


Project 365 | 4.25.2011

Speech with Miss Adrian today. She brought in your (still) favorite - the Pooh House and figures. You ave loved this set of hers since she first brought it when you were little. Of course, nowdays you "wrestle" with the figures! LOL!


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