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Project 365 | 4.9.2011

He slays me. He does.

Little bugger! It rained last night, enough to cancel the baseball game tonight. Daddy had to work, so it was get some stuff done around the house day. I had a lot of photo editing to do, so that was alot of my work. Also did some laundry and such. And swept the floor 9 million times after Smokey would go outside. Ack.
Matthew came out in the afternoon with this one. He'd gotten his plaid shirt out of his closet, put it on and then found the beanie hat (just like Big Time Rush). Then he got his music, and you guessed it - concert time! Then he has to have the dogs for an audience - they have to sit and watch him - LOL! I talked him into sitting in a chair for a bit for me to grab a few photos.

Janet  – (7:46 AM)  

Our puppy gets to be 'the audience' at our house, too. So cute! Love the look with the hat and the plaid shirt, by the way! :o)

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