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Project 365 | 4.7.2011

You came running out of your room at school this afternoon saying "tooth!!!!" You also told me ball and playground, which after talking to the aide made sense. You were apparently on the playground playing basketball with friends and the ball hit you in the mouth, knocking out the loose tooth (the one that was pointing outward). Apparently, you took the tooth right over to the playground aide and she put it in the Tooth Fairy packet for you! You were soooooo excited when you came out! I had wondered how you would look, since these teeth are so short already and have been loose and knocked at crazy angles for so long - if you would even bee able to tell there weren't teeth there anymore. Happy to report, it does show!!!! You are so cute!
Now - a couple of days later, when you look up in there - you can see the new tooth already - waiting to come out.

Miss Lynnette brought shaving cream for you to play with today - so fun!

I also got a new toy to play with today - a new lens...

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