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64/2 | spring green

64/2 | spring green | image 1, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.
For the group www.flickr.com/groups/sixtyfourcolors_roundtwo/


64/2 | tickle me pink

64/2 | tickle me pink, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.
64 colors is starting over and doing a round 2!!!! This week's color, tickle me pink.

The Easter print (from eighteen25) that I have hanging in my home.

For the group sixty four colors, round two


Project 365 | 4.15.2011

Friday! Daddy took the day off today, so when we all got home - it was straight out front. When Ryan got home, he got out the dirt bike. Of course. it's sat for quite awhile, so it was having issues starting. They got it going for a bit, but it just wasn't running well.

My flowers are growing out front. Some of my zinnias are getting buds.

My sunflowers are getting taller.

Dude had to change into a basketball shirt again. LOL!

Looking forward to a nice weekend with Daddy home!


Project 365 | 4.14.2011

Miss Lynnette came for OT today. First you did your spelling words with her and then you played Wii - Fit Plus and JumpStart Get Moving together Lots of good movement with those games - you were sweating when you were done. Daddy came home right when she left and we played basketball out front for a bit, until he went to get Ryan from soccer practice.


Project 365 | 4.13.2011

Another lazy afternoon today. Ryan has had testing all week long, so he came home and flopped in the chair - Smokey with him - to watch TV for a bit. Matthew was out back playing with the pups and digging in the dirt. I - naturally :) - followed around with my camera! Used the macro again for some shots.


Project 365 | 4.12.2011

Not too much going on today. I took this photo of Matthew playing Wii after school - he came home asking to play Wrestling Wii  - so he did! Some crazy hair going on - LOL - time for a haircut.


Project 365 | 4.11.2011

Today was ST with Miss Adrian. We played Jr. Monopoly - such fun!

I made the mistake of brining out your favorite (at the moment) book (My Friend Rabbit) to show to Miss Adrian and of course - you had to stop and read it to her! This book CRACKS you up! Of course, we have lots of improvisation that goes along with reading it.

These next few photos, you took, Matthew. I'd left the camera on the table - silly me! There were some out of focus ones, but these turned out nice!


Project 365 | 4.10.2011

Today was another housework/catch up day. We went to breakfast at IHOP - yum! Then came home to work. Dad got called into work in the afternoon - luckily for ust a few hours. Matthew & I hit up WalMart while he was gone and got the gorceries for the week.
While Michael was cleaning the pool, Matthew took out his beloved WWE figures to "wrestle" on the little table. Too cold to swim today - unlike last Sunday.


Project 365 | 4.9.2011

He slays me. He does.

Little bugger! It rained last night, enough to cancel the baseball game tonight. Daddy had to work, so it was get some stuff done around the house day. I had a lot of photo editing to do, so that was alot of my work. Also did some laundry and such. And swept the floor 9 million times after Smokey would go outside. Ack.
Matthew came out in the afternoon with this one. He'd gotten his plaid shirt out of his closet, put it on and then found the beanie hat (just like Big Time Rush). Then he got his music, and you guessed it - concert time! Then he has to have the dogs for an audience - they have to sit and watch him - LOL! I talked him into sitting in a chair for a bit for me to grab a few photos.


Project 365 | 4.8.2011

The other thing you came home talking about yesterday, Matthew, were worms. I asked you if they were at school in your room and you answered yes. You showed me that they chomped dirt. And that they wiggled. I wondered if they had ordered one of those farms for worms like they have for ants, but thought that was strange, for I knew they had done butterflies last year. So I took in my P/S and had you show me the worms this morning when we went to school. I was right - butterflies to be!


I also took my camera and new lens to school and went to the garden to see what I could see.

And out front, after I watered all my flowers.

A dried up lemon blossom in the rocks.

Blooms on the olive tree next door.

Bloom on my airplane plant.


Project 365 | 4.7.2011

You came running out of your room at school this afternoon saying "tooth!!!!" You also told me ball and playground, which after talking to the aide made sense. You were apparently on the playground playing basketball with friends and the ball hit you in the mouth, knocking out the loose tooth (the one that was pointing outward). Apparently, you took the tooth right over to the playground aide and she put it in the Tooth Fairy packet for you! You were soooooo excited when you came out! I had wondered how you would look, since these teeth are so short already and have been loose and knocked at crazy angles for so long - if you would even bee able to tell there weren't teeth there anymore. Happy to report, it does show!!!! You are so cute!
Now - a couple of days later, when you look up in there - you can see the new tooth already - waiting to come out.

Miss Lynnette brought shaving cream for you to play with today - so fun!

I also got a new toy to play with today - a new lens...


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