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Project 365 | 3.5.2011

Baseball tonight. Michael has had to work all day today. Still there as of right now, so he missed Matthew's game. Gma & Gpa came to watch tonight, so that was fun! We didn't take Matthew last week, for he was at Gma's and we were at Nascar. And the week before that, the game was rained out, so this is the 1st we've been to baseball in 2 weeks! Dude smacked the ball 1st pitch the 1st time up to bat. The 2nd time it took a few try's but he got it! :) And then he had to slide into home on that last time around, but of course! Other than that we had a pretty mellow day around here. Ryan's been working on homework today and we did alot of lounging around. 

Janet  – (9:21 PM)  

Love the concentration as he's watching the ball before he hit it! That's awesome! I tried to take some of those kinds of 'in the moment' shots of Kylie's team-mates at her basketball games this year, then gave them to the parents of the kids on her team at the end-of-the-season Awards thingy. They really liked them! I'll bet the parents of the kiddos on Matthew's team would really like that, too. (In your 'spare' time...ha ha! :o)

I'm glad Matthew didn't make it over the fence to play with the neighbor. That is such a 'little boy' kind of thing to do, though, isn't it??? He cracks me up!

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