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Project 365 | 3.4.2011

I get up this morning, get ready and hear Matthew at about 7am. He's had a really good night's sleep last night - 8pm - 7am. I'm kinda surprised that he's waken himself up, for I've had to wake him up for the last few weeks. He gets up, I get him into the bathroom. He uses the restroom and gets dressed. Now - all of this is without the lights on, for he's just waking up and doesn't want them on. So when I finally see him in the light a little bit later, I'm super surprised to see how red his eye is! He had pink eye over a month ago. But now it's back with a vengance - it's redder this time than last. Now  if you look at yesterday's photo, you'll imagine my surprise at this! Such a change! So - once again had to call my school and his and explain that we weren't coming in again today. We got into the Doc's office at 11:15. He seems to think that he has a sinus infection and that he spread it into his eye. Could be. He also has some small blister in his mouth, which the doc didn't really explain to me. So - he's now on Amoxicilin.
Once again - at least I'm now caught up on P365 and got some more laundry done! :)

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