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Project 365 | 3.3.2011

"My" teacher was out at school today and we had a substitute. I get a call from Matthew's school at around 10:30 that he's thrown up at school. So, off I go to go pick him up. He's been super snotty, just like Michael & Ryan, all week. He coughed and threw up a little bit yesterday. He'd had a *really* bad night last night, waking up several times. So, I think - well, you never know. But no - he's fine all day long. No more throwing up. He does seem a little tired, but with all the basketball  and slightly later nights, and the bad night's sleep the day before, that could be expected. So, I got quite a bit done that had been slacking around here lately - laundry, P365 pics updated and blogged, dishes done, floors vaccumed, swept and mopped - lots done. That part was kinda nice! :)
Matthew went out in the backyard at some point in the afternoon and after a bit, I went out with my camera to see what he's up to. No good, of course - LOL! He's opened the gate to the side of the house and is up on the ladder. ROFL!~ So - I took a few photos of him up there, this one that I liked, and talk him back down - LOL! He told me he was going to visit the boy who lives next door. I'm not sure how high up he would have gone, but hopefully we'll never know...

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