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Project 365 | 3.28.2011

Miss Adrian came today. She let you choose what you wanted to play with from her van. You couldn't quite decide between Kerplunk & Uno Spin, but in the end, Uno won out...

Ryan tried out for soccer at school today. Haven't had too much time to talk with him about it yet. I had a photo shoot and left before he got home and didn't get back until after he was in his room. He told me that he decided he wants to try for the position that Michael played when in school, so that's cool! There were quite a few kids there today and they said they are going to put them all on the competitive team. What I'm not impressed about is the fact that he has to schlep all his gear and his backpack around all day. I'm hoping they are going to be issued a locker in the gym for his gear at least. It's a lot to carry!
Huge headache tonight and I'm off to bed!

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