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Project 365 | 2.26.2011

Today we took Ryan to the Nascar race. Well - the Nationwide race anyway. We hadn't told him that we were going to surprise him. We woke up and tried to get everyone moving. Ryan had come home the day before saying he didn't feel so hot. He was coughing a little this morning. I went to feel him and sure enough, he had a fever. We decided that we weren't going to go - Daddy was tired, Matthew was coughing some too and Ryan had a fever. Ryan was so crushed. So- we decided to try and just see what happened. We drugged him up on cold medicine, dropped Matthew off at Gma's and drove the 50 miles to PIR. We were just going to hang out at the outside of the gate, but all that was out there this year were the retail trailers. So we went up and bought tickets. We looked around for all the free giveaway stuff, but boy - there sure wasn't that much out there. I don't know if they just didn't have anything this year or if they were saving all of it for Sunday (the big dogs race). The boys have come home with 3 bags of loot in the past years - this year we got a couple of stickers, a few lip balms, one t-shirt and one lanyard (both after having to sign up for a bunch of online stuff). Oh well. We bought Ryan a Tony Stewart lanyard and a Ryan Newman t-shirt and I found a Danika Patrick shirt for $5. It ended up being WAY too big and is now a sleep shirt. LOL!
Anyway - we got in and were able to watch the Busch cars qualify, the Nascar cars qualify and watch teh Nationwide race.
Nascar cars waiting to qualify.

 Danika's car racing on the track at qualifying.

We went into Jeff Gordon's booth about Driving to End Hunger (I think) and they had these game booths set up to race in. Michael and Ryan both did it. Ryan sped up and passed the pace car before the race had even started - ROFL! And Michael ended up setting the new record for that day! We went back after the race and it was still up on top.

The boys looking a Force's Top Fuel car - another favorite!

The big boys out qualifying - Little E...


Then we somehow managed to be standing right on the side of the track where Danika's car was when they were doing the start up of the race. Wish I'd taken more than just my 24-70 lens with me - LOL!

The fly over...

And then the start of the race. It was really kind of a borning race. Not many wrecks (not that you want anyone to get hurt - certainly not - but just to spice it up a bit and make it more of a race.). And the leader ended up 1/4 of the track from the 2nd place car and 1/2 of the track from the 3rd place car. Not much of an actual competition.

The storm front was moving in and we worried about rain - but it stayed away other than the wind and the cooler temps.

Kyle Busch doing his winning burnout...

The boys after the race... You can tell Ryan's not 100%...

We went back by the Chevy booth on the way out and Ry took his photo with Tony's car.

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