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Project 365 | 2.14.2011

Valentine's Day!
Matthew got a new wrestling friend for his John Cena figure he got for Christmas. He was very excited and was happy when Miss Adrian "wrestled" with him for a bit during therapy.

Michael brought me lunch at work today (Arby's) with candy (Heath bar) and a rose tucked into the bag.
So sweet!

Here is the Valentine Matthew made with miss Adrian before the wrestling...

Then I took the boys outside for a minute for some shots...


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I decided the Train Park might be a good place to try for this month's family photo. Matthew was the most excited - LOL - as you will see from the last 2 outtake photos! What a goof...


Project 365 | 2.13.2011

After having such a big "Matthew" day yesterday, Daddy had the idea of going to the Train Park for something for Ryan.
So - we did!
Lots of fun (again!). We got to see the newest train layout building, that Ryan loved looking at. They rode both trains and Matthew rode the carousel. We ever ran into friends there! Fun!

Then, later for dinner, I went and met up with an online friend that was here from out of state. We had some yummy Mexican food and shared a lot of laughs!


Project 365 | 2.12.2011

Matthew's Opening Day Ceremonies for baseball were today. It was a little windy, but we had a good time!

He made a big deal out of sliding into home base! ROFL!

From there, we ate, dropped Ryan off at Gma's to help them for a bit, then went home to change clothes. And then we were off to a Special Olympics Event. I had the big camera packed and Michael made some comment. I wasn't too keen on carrying it, so I just packed the point & shoot. At least I had SOMETHING with me! Because, of course, Matthew was chosen to run a leg of the touch run with a police officer (we were one of the very 1st families there.)

Then we just went around to all the different set-ups for each of the sports. They had soccer, football, bocce ball, tennis, golf, baseball and some others that I know I'm forgetting. We were there the whole 2 hours and he had a BLAST. Of course, it decided to be nearly 80 degrees out that day. Go figure. We had to really get he cooled off and hydrated when we got home.


Project 365 | 2.11.2011

We weren't sure we were going to get him out of the house this morning - he was def. on "Matthew" time, as we call it. You can't push "Matthew" time - it's his own pace and that's that. But we did and he even got to school on time.
Music with Miss Lee today. She had a new keyboard that you had to check out before you could focus on doing what she wanted you to do. You had the sequence to your favorite song memorized on the old one and it doesn't play on this new one. But you did quickly memorize how to get a song to play and you pushed all the buttons right after watching her once.
I knew we were going to have an interesting time next for we had to get Ryan over to Gma's, get to the Doc's to pick up your Special Olympics paper and then try to get to the library (across the street) all in 45 minutes.
45 minutes is not much when you are on "Matthew" time.
I "almost" stopped to let Ryan out at Gma's. Ha! You wanted to get out too and I kept telling you to stay buckled - that we'd be back.
On the way to the Doc's - I told you 3 or 4 times that we needed to go straight into the office, get a paper and run back to the car. NO recess (as you call the playset out front). I had you repeat it with me. We went in and I had to wait to be helped and you went for your favorite tv. I had a bit to get you back out of there, but you did it! You said "NO recess!" as we were walking out and you didnt get on it! Yay! You did stop at the bicycle rack (another fav stopping spot) but just ofr a bit. I counted to 5 and you were on the run to the car! We made it across the street, into the library, got a movie and book for you, my 2 books and were on our way to the check out as they were announcing it closing.
We went back to Gma's for awhile to get Ryan, then decided to meet Daddy for dinner at Donald's. Then home and to bed! :)


Project 365 | 2.10.2011

Today, Miss Lynnette brought fun things for Valentine's Day. Cupcakes to frost and decorate and valentine's for a card.

Five yummy, yummy cupcakes. At least until Matthew went to show Ryan the cupcakes in the fridge. I had put them on the bottom shelf in there to keep them safe from Smokey. Then the boys walked off, Ryan first, Matthew second and the fridge door didn't get shut. So, the final count - Smokey 3, Matthew 1 and Ryan 1.


Then Miss Lynnette brought paper and lots of heart cutouts and stickers for Matthew to make a Valentine's card.

His little face is so dried out right now...

He wrote "Happy" all by himself with no sounding out help from me what so ever! Yay Matthew! 


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