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Project 365 | 1.31.2011

I figured today would be eady photo day - therapy with Miss Adrian - but she had to reschedule for later on this week. Then I wasn't quite sure what might happen. I picked up Matthew and it was raining at his school, but once again, dry here by the time we got home. We relaxed for a bit and I see Matthew round up the dogs and put them in our bedroom. So I grab my camera and go to see what light was in there. Not much, but enough and low and behond, he posed for me! I tried to get the dogs on either side of him, but he'd already got them all riled up. So I took some of them and then he asked for me to set the timer (orange light, Mom!) and get in the photos. And I did!
Now I'll have to try that spot with Ryan...


Project 365 | 1.30.2011 | 4 people: 12 times | January

The fabulous Tara Whitney has a personal project that she does of her family and I think it's genious. So - I'm going to try to do it also with my family. 1 photo of the 4 of us together per a month for the next year. I think we can do it! :)
Anyway - next to the last day of the month. I knew Daddy wouldn't be home tomorrow night, and he wasn't home on Sat., so that left today. I got exactly 2 photos before meltdown's occured (and all the neighborhood kids came out to see what we were doing) - LOL - and this was the better (really crappy) shot of the 2 - double LOL!
So, here we are for the month of January. Just the 4 of us. I'm surprised you can't see the 2 dogs in the front window of the house. They're there watching us. The fruit trees are full of fruit - oranges, grapefruit and lemons. We're all in sandals and flip flops. Ryan got a haircut later on. Matthew needs one. Very soon. Me too for that matter! :) We'd just come back from Fuddruckers, so Matthew could shoot the critters on the Big Hunter arcade game that's there. Then we'd stopped at the Little WalMart (Neighborhood Market instead of the Super Center) for this week's groceries.


Project 365 | 1.29.2011

Daddy left for Palm Springs way before any of us got up today. As of right now, he'll be home in the wee hours of the morning, but we'll see.
Matthew actually slept in this morning until 8am. He came out with his bear tree set in tow, requesting Mom to play bears with him.
So, we did.

He's had this set for awhile now, but it's been under his bed for much of it lately. The other day (while he was procrastinating bed time), he got it out. I told him he could play with it in the morning, but he waited until this morning to bring it out. I knew it was going to be just me a baseball tonight (thus a little harder to take some photos), so I got the camera out with me too. We had fun playing with Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear for a bit, then it was time for breakfast.


Project 365 | 1.28.2011

TGIF! Mostly.
Matthew had a better day at school today. Listened better. He got 9/10 on his spelling words! Yay! Daddy had to go into work early. He scared me by texting "roadtrip" but it was only to Scottsdale. Until later on that night. He has to leave for Palm Springs early in the morning.
We went out front to play after school. It's been so very nice outside (mid to upper 70's) that I have some sprouts growing in my pots out front. Not sure what they are, but am hoping they are zinnia's again. I enjoyed mine so much last summer! It's supposed to get cold here again, next week, so I'll have to cover them up. Then we'll see if they continue to grow...

Ryan rode his bike and made funny faces at me when the camera was aimed at him.

And Matthew decided to challenge the girl next door in some games of tic-tack-toe. Then they played basketball a bit...


Project 365 | 1.27.2011

Today, you had a very bad, rotten, no-good day at school (LOL!). You didn't listen, didn't come in from recess and palyed around in the bathroom. And got all 1's. All. Not good. Your teacher says you follow her directions the moment she gives them, but the Aides in the room? That's another story.
It's a story we're going to have to work on.
We walked out after our talk with Ms Meschke and you asked for a stop at the gas station (a treat, for you get a cookie and a kids soda) and I said no - you got 1's and you couldn't have your treat.
Miss Lynnette came and you wanted to play Wii, but we both said no, because of the 1's at school today. So, you did your spelling words with her, tied shoes, did a puzzle and then we played a couple of games of Uno. We stayed inside after she left, for it would be dark in 15 minutes. You boys started to fight, but I left you be for a bit, and you started in with the trumpet and tuba together. Then bath, dinner and it was Wipeout night! You asked me "Mom, sit on the couch with me?" (a whole 7 word sentance!) while Wipeout was on and I was cleaning up the kitchen. You read your book to me (Muff's Bath) so nice and fluently before bed!

Here's the other idea I had for the yellow-orange...
STILL not sure which I like best and which one best represents the color...


Project 365 | 1.26.2011

I wanted to take "pretty" pictures today - LOL!
So, I did.
At least pretty to me...

These next few were taken in this ugly little patch of ground next to our house, but the light was pretty good and I wanted to try it...
Dirty faces and all...

These next 3 are candidates for this week's color, yellow orange. Thoughts on a favorite? Still not sure if these are the final contenders. I have one more idea, if I get a chance to take them...


Project 365 | 1.25.2011

Today was better - not as much frustration (on my part - LOL!). But it got to be kinda late and it was one of those - nothing's-standing-out kinda days, one of those that I wonder what will become of my P365. I rushed out to take a photo of Matthew outside on the playset (where he's at, procrastinating starting his homework). I got this one that I liked... nothing exciting, nothing super wow, but it has emotion in it...

But then later as I was getting him into the bath. I brought the camera back in. You see, lately I'm getting the feeling that baths are starting to come to an end. He's less satisfied to stay in there, soaking up the bubbles and playing. It used to be he'd stay in there until the water was stone cold. But lately, not so much.

And I can sense it's coming - the end of the bath era.

So - today's photo. Dude enjoying his bath... for now.

Still now a wow - super, duper photo. But once that has weight with me, one that has meaning to me.
And maybe it will have meaning to him... someday.

On another (completely different) note...
Happy Birthday to my little brother, Paul! Love and miss you!!!!


Project 365 | 1.24.2011

Today just seems like a fight to me. Ack. We rushed around and had a 7:45 appointment at the doctor's to look at a spot on Matthew's back. The doc deemed it eczema and gave us (yet another) perscription. I then made another appointment for next week for a "well baby" check up appointment for him. We want to get him involved in Special Olympics and there's some paperwork for that the doctor needs to fill out. Then we came home after school and Matthew was a little squirrelly for his therapy with Miss Adrian, but not bad. But then he didn't want to do his homework. Then he started it, but wandered off a couple times while he was working on it. We went to WalMart to pick up his meds (We left the doc's office at 8am. I got the text saying his meds were ready at 3pm. 3pm. 7 hours later???? Something's wrong there.). We actually had probably the quickest trip I have ever been into WalMart with Matthew in tow. A couple weeks ago I listed out the steps before we went somewhere. And listed out where we were not going to do. - Oh yeah - it was at school and we were running late one morning. No time to stop at the basketball goal to shoot baskets before going to the room. And it worked. He knew what to expect and did it. So - I've been trying it when we are going into a store, like today, to get in and out quicker. We are going to get your medicine, then we are going home. No toys, no games, no movies. Then I repeat it and have him repeat it to me. Today, he made a detour into the fish department (I go in through the garden center - no McDonald's to distract him, no "game" room to distract him), but all in all - we were in and out in 20 minutes or so! Amazing! Then I had to fight with both of them to get them in the bath/shower. Then a 20 minute fight to get eye drops into his eyes (that after that 20 minute period - he just stops and is ready for them, what's up with that?) before bed. After checking on Ryan - I figure out he's still working on homework (basically) at 8:20pm. Homework that he knew about, but said that he forgot. Yeah, right. Of course, he didn't understand it (and 7th grade pre-algebra may be the death of me!), so we finally finished it right after 9:30, which is when I wanted to go to bed.
Ack and double Ack. Just frustrated.
Here's to a better tomorrow!
Or at least a smoother running tomorrow...


Project 365 | 1.23.2011

Michael was home today. It was a laundry, clean house lounge around kinda day. We went to Texas Roadhouse for linner. I made Grammie's pumpkin cookies later on that evening.


Project 365 | 1.22.2011

Baseball practice again tonight. Daddy had to work today, so Matthew was READY (so ready!) when Daddy got home, for that meant baseball time! 2 innings again - one in the outfield and one in the infield. We're on the same team as friends of ours - Tanya and Amelia - so that's fun! I'll wait until they get their uniforms to reveal which team he got on...
We were up first and Matthew wacked the ball first pitch! Go dude!
Love the guy gleefully jumping to home in the background! :)

Ryan helped out by catching both innings today and did really well with it.

These 2 (peas in a pod) were cracking me up in the outfield "shaking their money makers" to get ready for the ball...

Then we went to DQ for a little dinner, food and ice cream - Yum! We bribbed Ryan to eat a corn dog (then he could have a Butterfinger Blizzard), and he ate the whole thing (for the 1st time in his life!)! Nice! Now we'll see if he ever eats one again - ROFL! It was a nice little, fun dinner.
Michael's putting Matthew to bed tonight, so I'm actually getting time to get this up! Yay!


Project 365 | 1.21.2011

Insert super cute photo of Matthew in his Fireman costume


But instead, I have this photo of the eye drops that I have to give Matthew for pink eye. Ack! School called and left a message on my school phone, that luckily Teresa checked the messages on when we were at lunch today. But I was already out at our recess and couldn't get to pick him up until 45 minutes later. Then the Doc's office was closed for lunch and I couldn't get through until after 2:20. They ended up squeezing him in  and yep - pink eye. I didn't even know it was coming on. So - 1 eye drop prescription, that he is less than thrilled about taking. I tried to get him to lay still before bed and that didn't go so well. I'm going to try to sneak in there before I go to bed and drop more in while he's sleeping, but we'll see how that goes.
So - fireman costume. They had SuperHero Day at school today and the kids were encouraged to dress as their favorite superhero. I figured a fireman was the easiest, for he could wear his San Diego Firestation 21 t-shirt and then the fireman coat that my mom made for Ryan a long time ago. That way he could take off the coat when he needed to. And I planned on taking a photo of him when we got home, since we were running a little late this morning leaving. But then I was too intent on calling the doctor and I forgot. Oh well!


Project 365 | 1.20.2011

Another 70+ degree day today. It was breezy, which made it a little chillier today, but wow? Where is the cooler weather? What's March going to be like if it's like this now? And then summer? ack.

Today Miss Lynnette (OT) brought a mini Lego kit for you to build today. Your very 1st Lego build (without your brother hoovering over you - LOL)! You were not very happy that you had to do your homework 1st, but you got it done and then went through the dierctions step by step with Miss Lynnette until you'd finished. You were so proud and immediately wanted to build more.
Maybe this weekend, Buddy... maybe this weekend!


Project 365 | 1.19.2011

Matthew was asking to go out front to play today. He knows that that's not happening until homwork is done. He asked, I said homeowrk first and the next thing I know, he's gathering all his stuff and setting up at the coffee table (it pulls up into place so he can work there). Now - his teacher didn't send work home today (we have a list of things to do for homework when she doesn't officially send home something), so I wondered what he was getting. He had gotten his paper tablet, his pencil and eraser and his spelling word list and was writing out his spelling words (I have him write them out once a day, say the name and then spell it outloud). Only thing was, he'd gotten last week's spelling list - LOL! But pretty darn good! We got the right one and he wrote them out. Then we did some flash cards and a writing project to round it out.

I figured that would be my story and my photo for the day. But, then tonight as I'm about to get Matthew to bed, he hears BTR (Big Time Rush) coming out of the bathroom where Ryan is showering. Pretty soon I hear the sounds of both of them singing. I quietly get my camera and sneak over in the hallway and see this.

Matthew sitting on the floor at the potty, with his feet all curled up under him, the mp3 player on the counter and the speakers on the toilet. And both of them still singing away.

Love it. Love that I paid attention to the sounds I heard behind me as I was checking my e-mail and went to investigate. Love that I captured this little slice of their fast fleeting childhood.

And then there's the hair. Are you sick of hearing about it yet - LOL? Here's some more photos I took of it yesterday. I shocked myself this morning when I saw myself in the mirror - ha! And it's kinda funny to watch people wave "hi" at me with this really puzzled look on their face. Thanks for all the nice compliments on it!!!
It's growing on me.
And it's really pretty in the sunlight...


Project 365 | 1.18.2011

Back at the end of July, before school started, I (finally) got my hair cut. That night, I came home and highlighted it for the 1st time in a long time. I loved how it looked, but as it grew out, I remembered why I didn't want to highlight it again.

So, now, the "roots" had grown out about 2.5 inches and it was bothering me. And apparently, I'm going through some kind of small mid-life crisis - LOL, 'cause I dyed my hair for the 1st time ever on Sunday night.
And I went dark.

It's kinda pretty, but to me it still looks dyed. Maybe it's 'cause I've never done it before. Maybe it's because it's never in my life been this dark before. But it's kinda pretty and it's kinda weird. I did use a non-permanent hair dye (HerbaShine Medium Natural Brown to be exact), that's supposed to wash out in 28 days, so we'll see how badly I messed up my hair. But for now - it's different. It's not quite as red as that last photo (except in the sun).
I also bought a new purse yesterday at Target - a purple one. And painted my nails a pretty shade of purple. Apparently I'm in a purple mood too.   :)  Thoughts on the hair?


Project 365 | 1.17.2011

 Today started up early, for me at least! I got up at 6:30, did my walk/run, came home at 7:30 and everyone was still sleeping! Ryan got up about 15 minutes later, but Matthew (and then Daddy too since Matthew was sleeping!) slept until like 8:15! That was good! (He actually went to sleep at 8pm tonight too! Yay!) We quickly showered and then I made some french toast for breakfast, muffins for the boys.
Then Miss Adrian came for ST. She brought her PlayDoh game today. Matthew's favorite part is the "recycling". When you land on the recycle on the spinner, you get to squash someone's PlayDoh figure. Then you would fake cry and have Miss Adrian console you - ROFL! Such a cutie!

Ryan built some crazy contraptions out of all sorts of different things today. The tall one was a catapult of some sort.

A close up of Peanut's eye...

The other "story" of today was Snowbear. He had been up on one of Ryan's shelves for awhile, but for some reason, Matthew asked for him yesterday and today he dressed, undressed and then swung him on the seat belt of the shopping cart when we went to Target. Poor little, very loved Snowbear!


Project 365 | 1.16.2011

Ryan's project for the last 2 days. Gpa gave him these for Christmas, and for some reason, Ryan thought they would be hard to put together. But once he started, he figured out it wasn't too bad. He's working on the rest of them right now. You can see his Meteorite Men certificates and various space things that he hung up on that wall yesterday.
I had to go into his room yesterday and man, what is it about teen boys rooms? It's finally hoed out a little better, since I was in there to make him. Then I tackled Matthew's closet and got rid of 2 black trash bags full of clothes and went through the plastic buckets to pull out some new-to-him clothes that were bigger! Growing boys!
The rest of today is likely going to be spent with the rest of the laundry, going to WalMart and cleaning the house! Oh joy! LOL!


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