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December Daily | 12.12.2010 and P52 : 2010 : Week 49

So - today, Dude and I go to WalMart. I am super duper tired and ready to get in and get out of there. Didn't make a full list, so my mind is trying to focus on all that we need to get. We start out at McDonald's, of course, for it's not a trip to WalMart without a stop there. He wants to sit, so we do. He immediately introduces himself and strikes up a conversation with the WM workers that are sitting at the next high top over. They talk to him and don't brush him off, which is nice. Then we head out to shop. I want to head around the store the way I normally do it and he has other ideas. He spies the toy section and darts up the middle... without me. So, I get him and redirect and we try again. We get to the toys and he wants to do his usual stay-there-for-hours-like-he-does-when-Daddy's-with-us. Ack. We move on again finally (we ended up there for 2.5 hours). I talk him into the cart after toys and on we go. We get our groceries and get to the produce section. He gets one of the plastic produce bags to play with. A WM worker stops me and asks me if he can ask Matthew something. I say yes figuring we're going to get a lecture on the dangers of said plastic bag. He ends up asking Matthew if he wants to be one of Santa's Elves. Matthew says "YES!", of course, and the man takes the elf hat off his head and puts in on Matthew. He turns to me and says that the reciept for it is tucked under the ear if anyone asks about it. I shook his hand and told him that he's just made MY day and that Matthew probably wouldn't take it off until Christmas - LOL! What a nice thing to do! Matthew walked to the register telling and showing everyone his Elf hat. Way too cute!!!!

Random Acts of Kindness....

Something we all need to do way more often!

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