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An apple a day...

We took our favorite veteran out to lunch today - Daddy! He served 10 years in the Air Force (during Desert Storm and served a year in Korea) and we are very proud of him! Took him up to our favorite little hot dog stand and then came home so he could go to work. Ack.
I took Matthew to little WalMart (WalMart Market) tonight to get a few things that we would need tomorrow, before the weekend. We walk in and there's a large apple display. Matthew walked right up and picked one up. I abstractedly told him to put it back and in looking to see if he was, saw him licking it as he was putting it back! I grab it thinking - Oh fun! Now we have to buy it! Then I'm like - Wait... he LICKED it!!! What am I thinking in taking it away from him! So I nonchalantly handed it back to him and while walking asked if he wanted to lick it again. To my surprise, he took it and did! He - at some point - said something about applesauce and I told him that's what they use to make it. He continued to mouth it, hit it against his teeth (which I didn't really like, but it was better than him doing nothing and I *was* kinda hoping it might knock the 3 teeth that are loose in there a little looser), lick it and such. He kinda started a hole in it, so I took it and made it a little bigger. He did get a few bites out of it, but he would take the skin pieces back out after they were in his mouth.  He continued to mess with it all the way home and while I was getting him to the shower. Then I had to get him in the shower and when he came out, it was over. He was all done with it. I tried giving it back to him at dinner - but nadda.
Now - to most people this all is probably not a big deal, but to us THIS IS HUGE! Matthew has had very big sensory and food aversions. There is a limited amount of things that he will eat and getting him to try something new is extremely hard too. So, for him to do this on his own is just big... really big!
It might just be the time to start exploring new things with him. He went to put something in his mouth with his OT a little while back (What was that, Lynnette? Was it a marshmallow?) and then he scooped out the pumpking a couple weeks ago. Now this! So excited!!!!! Maybe we're turning the next page with him....   crossing my fingers!

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