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31 for 21 | Day 32 - BONUS DAY! - October 31st

Happy Halloween!!!!!
To Matthew - we are full on to Christmas now! LOL!
I did manage to get Halloween switched out and Thanksgiving put up today (Sunday). I wanted to get it done while I had time and today was it. So we had Trick or Treaters over with not much Halloween decor out. Since most of it was in the living room where they didn't see - I don't feel bad.
Pretty low key day at home today, yard work, house cleaning, laundry, alot of outdoor playing. A quick trip to the park at dusk for Matthew, home after to shower up and then dinner while answering the door for Trick or Treaters. Matthew took it very seriously - "Myself! Big boy!!!" LOL! Way too cute! He was much better at it than Ryan - telling them "Happy Halloween!" after he put the candy in ("There ya go, Buddy..." he'd say - entirely too cute!)

So ends my 4th year participating in 31 for 21 for Down Syndrome Awareness! It felt kind weird not to pick up my camera today (Monday), but time for a break again. The 1st 31 for 21 four years ago is what got me started on my 365 project that I did for the 2 years after that (2008 & 2009). I learned so much and captured SO MUCH of my families life doing that. It was time for a break this year... but once again, by participating this year I renewed my love for the daily picking up of the camera. I'm not doing it enough this year. So we'll see what happens now. Hopefully more photos!

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