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P52 : 2010 : Week 42

Oct. 30th, 2010

We met the author/photographer of the beautiful book, "I'm Down With You" today at the Buddy Walk. His photographs are so stunning and we enjoyed talking to him!

He has a wonderful soul, you can just tell...

After the Buddy Walk, we came home, Daddy left for work and we carved pumpkins. Matthew wanted a "happy face", so we went through the patterns until he liked the "happy face"!

THEN we went trick-or-treating. It was Ryan's 1st year to stay home and pass out candy. He's just tall enough, I thought he'd get some looks - LOL! We thought he and one of the neighborhood boys were going to sit in the driveway and pass it out, but they ended up at the house next door. We put up a note to head over there on our door. Matthew made it down the one big street here that everyone sits outside and then he was ready to go home. He would go up, politely say "Trick or Treat", they would put candy in his pumpkin and he would ask them what it was - LOL! Most people got his humor about it - I hope - LOL! He was just keeping a tally of how much chocolate he got, since that's all he'll eat out of it all! Then he would say "Thank You" and off he would go! We saw quite a few people out that we know, including several kids from my school that I didn't know were in the neighborhood. After the one street, we came home and passed out candy for a little while (only about 5 sets of TorT's) and then it was bed time. I figure we'll get a few more tomorrow night (hopefully - for there is alot of candy left!!!)

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