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31 for 21 | Day 24 - October 23rd

I took the sum total of 3 photos today, and you're lookin' at them.
We got up this morning and went to breakfast at Midwestern Meats. We hadn't been there since right before we went to San Diego, but the waitress remembered us, remembered Ryan's name, remembered that she had given Ryan a kids cup and Matthew an adult cup last time. No that's some service and some people skills. We bought some donuts to have tomorrow for breakfast, 'cause they are really good!
Then when we came home, we were right back out front playing.
I needed to go to Target, so Ryan and I went for a bit.
Ryan had a birthday party today, so he left to go to that and was gone for 6 hours.
Smokey and Bella both have ear infections, so Michael, Matthew and I took them to the vet to get looked at and to get them some meds. They finally relaxed in the last 2 minutes that we were there - LOL!
I went to WalMart this afternoon and got this week's groceries.
Matthew is beyond excited for tonight is The Boy Who Cried Werewolf on Nick. Not on until 8pm and it's a 2 hour movie. Luckily, we talked him into letting us tape it and he'll watch it tomorrow.

These photos were taken about a 1/2 hour before we went to the Vet. Matthew had broken the hinges on his DS a few weeks back and it came back from the Nintendo repair yesterday. He's played it alot today. He missed it!

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