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31 for 21 | Day 23 - October 22nd

Oops. I forgot that I didn't set this to post last night! I was tired!
So Friday, Miss Lee came for MT.  First you played the xylophone.

Then Miss Lee helped you to play a few songs on the keyboard.  Here she's teaching you to use each individual finger for each note.

Then she got out the shaker eggs and you played a game of basketball - LOL!

Then - of course - we went out front to play! Daddy was working on the lawnmower and you guys decided that the gloves would be great fun to play with.
My flowers out front are still so pretty. Still slightly heat damaged, but blooming so nicely.

You decided to make your own "pumpkin" face on your glove.

You got it about this far, and it blew up in your hands.
Oh, well. There's always tomorrow!  :)

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