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31 for 21 | Day 22 - October 21st

Today (Thursday) we had the surprise of Daddy being home when we got home from school! Yay! We played out front for awhile. Dude hula-hooped and I put up the Halloween decorations (finally!).

Then it was time for Miss Lynnette to come over for Occupational Therapy. Today the 2 of you played the Spongebob Memory Game! You insisted that you use all the tiles for the game, so it took awhile until you got any matches. Once it got down to smaller numbers (2 sets), you could get matches. You were so happy for Miss Lynnette when she got some - LOL!

Here you are with Miss Lynnette. She's been your CT since before you were 2!!!!
Thanks for all you do, Miss Lynnette!!!!!!

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