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31 for 21 | Day 21 - October 20th

We had a cool, overcast day today (Wed. the 20th). Didn't end up with any rain, really. But we did get graced with a beautiful rainbow this morning!
Matthew and I went to the library after school today, to pick up a book for me. Since we were so close to downtown Mesa, we went in search of a wall that Adrian and I had looked for last Friday and didn't find. She found it Monday and so it was my turn to search for it. I bribed Matthew with a trip to QT for soda and a cookie if he'd let me take some pictures of him! LOL! We found this super cool shark wall that we hadn't been looking for...
And this wall that we were looking for...
We took lots of super cute photos! 

I couldn't decide which processing was my favorite on this one. Which one do you prefer? Top or bottom?

Then tonight (Wed.), we went to our first Jr. High football game to see Ryan play with the band.

Dude had a blast crawling all over the bleachers. And teasing Daddy...

And then there was the added fact that he knew one of the cheerleaders and the Trojan kept waving at him!!!! LOL!

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