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31 for 21 | Day 19 - October 18th

Occupational Therapy with Miss Adrian today. It's our 1st day back to school after Fall Break. I wasn't too sure how it was going to go with getting you to school this morning, but you did just fine! Had a good day today too! Yay!
Miss Adrian brought over a board game for the 2 of you to do. You did really well with it for the most part. She's brought it over, but it's been a long time ago. She asked for a glass of water and you said  "Me too! Milk please!"
So a little refreshment was had with today's game. ;)
You also used your words and asked if i wanted to play (and Daddy when he came home). Later on when we were out front you used the same words and asked one of the neighborhood boys to play with you "Do you want to play basketball?". You both played and it turned into a game between Daddy, you, Ryan and 2 neighbor boys! Fun!
Until Ryan elbowed one of them by accident - ouch! LOL!

You brought this home from school today. You had said something about pumpkins and a pumpkin patch to someone as we were walking to the car after school and I think you were talking about this after I saw it. You told us that the blue was sky, below it is a witch on a broom, then your pumpkin! Cute!

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