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21 for 31 | Day 9 - October 8th

Today for Spirit Day at your school, you were supposed to wear a sports shirt. I pulled out a Cardinals shirt and a Suns shirt for you to choose from, but you were adamant about wearing your D-Back team shirt from when you had played baseball a few years back. In fact I tried to switch it out this morning for one of my 2 choices and you weren't going for it. After you put this shirt on - you went into your sock drawer and got out a pair of long, black socks and insisted on wearing those too. I asked you what they were and you said "baseball socks". So - you wore those to school today too with your shorts (but of course, wouldn't let me take a photo of it).
These were taken of you playing your music on the back porch. You get your MP3 and your earphones and INSIST that the dogs go out back with you. You dance around and the dogs wander around.

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LOVE! <3
Aunt Kim

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