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21 for 31 | Day 8 - October 7th

Matthew had OT last night. He was supposed to play Wii for a bit with Miss Lynnette, but he was a little cranky (I'm sure Lynnette would say he wasn't the only one - I was a little too!) and wouldn't listen to us when we told him to come do his spelling words 1st. So - no Wii. We did his spelling words and then played Toy Story UNO. By the time we got to the end of UNO - he (and I) was just fine.
And yes - Wii! Very good for hand-eye co-ordination, balance, turn taking and all sorts of stuff. Lynnette sees kiddos (and young adults) with all sorts of disabilities and they all enjoy (important when it's hard to get a kiddo to engage in an activity) and benefit from playing the Wii with her! She's one of the reasons that we bought one...
But the big story of Thursday was Ryan's 1st Band Concert at the Jr. High. Man, Jr. High band is a different ball game than Elementary Band! There were quite a few different groups and they were all so good! Matthew stayed pretty still and in his seat for the most part (at Elem. school he would dance at the sidelines and there was one sweet girl that would let him play her drum before the concert). He still danced, and hopefully he didn't disturb the people behind him too much! :) Anyway, Ryan is in the Prep band and the concert was in the auditorium, with lights and all. I should have changed to a different lens (yes - I had them with me), but I was lazy. So - not so good photos, but video from the P/S camera. He (Ryan) also wasn't too pleased that I was taking his photos - LOL! It was also such a large assembly that I couldn't even really see him when he was up on stage.
Matthew particularly like the Precussion groups - esp. the 3 drum drum line that performed. They walked from the back, up the isle to the front while playing.

That little circled area? That's approximately where he was sitting. I won't say for sure if that's his head though! LOL! (I purposedly blurred out the kids in the front, since I don't know them!)
Tried to get him before he put his tuba away (he switched from trumpet to tuba this year), but couldn't catch him. Got him up there after they put all the chairs away, but he wasn't too happy to pose - LOL!
Here are 2 of the songs that they performed - Enjoy!



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