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21 for 31 | Day 7 - October 6th

Dude doing his homework tonight. I told him to write his name, walked off to get the white board for him to write his spelling words on, and he started on it without me. To my surprise, he read the directions and totally did what it was asking him to do! He was on the second one (which one is a dime) when I got back. Surprising? Yes! Why? Not really sure. Do I usually make him read the directions (not me) - yes. Does he usually know what to do - yes. I think it's because it's just the 1st time he's totally just gone on and done it. Cool? YES!
This homework seems so simple - maybe even too simple for him. I am going to be checking into what they are doing with him at school - his teacher conference is in 2 weeks. I'm worried that it's gone too far in the opposite direction and that now things are too easy for him. But I'm not sure until I talk further with his teacher. His behaviors have changed so much since we moved him to the new classroom at the end of last year. No more pencil chewing, no compression vest needed, no downtime from Walk to Read needed. He's still not lining up from recess, but it's only every once in a while (like once a month) not every other day like it was. But he is SUCH a smart cookie and I want him to live up to his potential. So - we shall see. A new IEP may be called for...

Michelle  – (12:28 PM)  

I am so impressed that he started his homework on his own, read the instructions and worked on the problems! Its like pulling teeth to get Kayla to do homework!

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