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21 for 31 | Day 4 - October 4th

Sunday, you decided to take a swim. Daddy had gone out to check on the pool and sure enough - within a few minutes you were out there too. It must have warmed up some (the pool), for you were just as happy as can be to be in it. It's been so hot lately that swimming in October shouldn't be too much of a weird thing!

Now I'm going to go back to Saturday for a bit.
We (Daddy, you and I - Ryan was at Gma's) went to Target Saturday afternoon. You looked at EVERYTHING, like you do when we are there. You tried to talk us into a hunting TV game, a Bigfoot toy, walkie talkies and various other things. We DID come home with a couple of badminton sets. You boys and the neighborhoods kids have been trying to play tennis lately, so badminton seemed a natural transition. Of course, we had to go right out and try them out when we got home.

It was a short lived game, for this was rolling in.

A really big dust storm. Not very often that you can see the wall coming from the ground, but you could then. We got a (very) small amount of rain later on that night too. Just enough to spread the dirt around a bit.
But it sure did make for a pretty sunset!

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