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21 for 31 | Day 3 - October 3rd

Saturday we went to a friend's birthday party. I didn't tell you until the morning of that we were going so you wouldn't pester the heck out of me before we went. I told you that we were going to Raymond's house and after a minute you asked if you could jump on the trampoline. Considering that we haven't been to his house since his birthday party last year - that was a really good memory! Then when we got to the party  - you walked right over to him (again - haven't seen him since the Christmas party last year) and told him Happy Birthday! Way too cute! They had a small petting zoo with a horse to ride, the trampoline and lots of fun things to play with. You waited to jump until all the other kids had gotten off, rode the horse once, and went in to see the animals for just a couple of minutes. Then you were happily off asking anyone and everyone to play with you - mostly the adults (Who were very good sports! There was one Dad that played beanbag toss out in the HOT sun with you for a good 10 minutes!). You then went inside and found an accordian that you were in love with playing - much to the dismay of the birthday boy for whom the accordian is his least favorite thing! We had fun and you really enjoyed the cake!

I wanted to get a photo of Matthew and Raymond together, but it just didn't happen (I really didn't take too many photos!). Raymond happens to have a little something extra too. His parents, Stacy and Michelle Tetschner, have put out the book "Windows into Heaven - Stories Celebrating Down Syndrome". If you look closely on the cover, you will see Matthew on it - on the right - the top photo and the bottom one!

Suzie and Lily  – (9:00 AM)  

Love this post! I love it when our kids get to go to parties and have fun. The pictures are great!

I need a better camera.

Lily's story is in Windows into Heaven

evrfwd  – (11:52 PM)  

pony ride, yay!!!! so cool! I have an accordian Matthew can play with when you guys come over. =) awesome photos as always!

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