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21 for 31 | Day 15 - October 14th

Another fairly low key day. Ryan went to Gma's/Gpa's again today. And this one asked to go to lunch to see Daddy. So - BK here we come!
While we were there, he decided he needs more soda. There's not a self service on at this BK, so he had to go to the counter. Daddy needed a refill too, so he went with him, but Matthew didn't want him to. So after Daddy left, he told me he needed more again. This time, I let him go up and ask by himself. He totally had no problems asking and answering her questions (What kind would you like?), but he had a little trouble taking the lid off and getting it back on again. Guess we need to work on that part! He was so proud of himself when he came back! :)
Out of focus? Yes! But see the expression? He was dancing!
After lunch, Matthew and I stopped off at WalMart to get him a new set of earphones. He is soooooo hard on them. He ends up wadding them up and chewing on them until one of the wires break. Then gets mad 'cause they don't work. Ack. We also picked up flip flops in various colors for $1 for next year for Matthew and I and t-shirt transfers to see about making Buddy Walk T-shirts.
He had to get out the ear phones as soon as we hit the parking lot.
Ok - so he was trying to open them in the store before we'd even paid for them...
It's been so hot this week (upper 90's - Hello!?!?! It's October, even though we live in the desert!) that the grass we planted on Sunday is already coming up. But newly planted grass (especially when it's hot) needs lots of water, so it's being watered 3x's a day.

Which of course means this one is having all sorts of fun back there. See the dirt on his nose? And then he brings it all in. Ack and double Ack. My new cleaner is getting all kinds of workouts!
Tomorrow I get to go have some fun with a friend and Dude will have MT!

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