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21 for 31 | Day 12 - October 11th

He just had it.
One month ago.

But here we are with it again.
Croup seems to be his arch enemy, his nemisis. When he was younger - he got it every 3-4 months. Then it lengthened to every 6 months, then every 9 ish months. Then finally to a year apart and then 1.5 years.
Until now.
I took him to the ER last night (Sunday night). They gave him 2 breathing treatments and some liquid steriods. He promptly threw up the steriods (yuck.). Not a fun night, no matter what. We got home at 5am, showered him off and crawled into bed. Until the lovely hour of 7:45, when both he and Ryan got up. Double Ack.

(taken with the point/shoot in the dark...  So glad I carry it in my purse!)

They gave him this cute handmade bear at the ER. He clutched it most of the night.
Until we got home. Then he promptly forgot it.

The other big kid news at our house today is BTR. Both boys have been be-bopping around the house to their music for the past few months, the little one especially.
OK. I admit it.
Me too.
When they have it playing. LOL!
Which is most of the time.
They watch their show on Nick all the time.
Today, BTR was on the Today show this morning and their album hit the stores. So after Matthew and I got his prescription for steriods, we stopped by Best Buy to buy it. Where they were quite puzzled as to what we were looking for (and why today, and not tomorrow when things are usually released - LOL!). But they found it in the back and brought it out to us.
2 happy boys...

evrfwd  – (4:15 PM)  

Awww, so sorry Matthew isn't feeling well. You are one strong mama...and he's a tough kiddo. I hope he feels better soon.

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