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21 for 31 | Day 11 - October 10th

October 10, 2010
So - I tried to document our day taking 10 photos of our 10.10.10. Didn't get an individual photo of all the things we did yesterday, but here are 10 photos!

Breakfast - we stayed in today. Lately when we've been going out, the sit down places are leaving us with not much of a lovin' feelin'. So yesterday, Michael went out after donuts and today I made breakfast. Ryan had left over donuts, Matthew had his usual graham cracker with peanut butter and milk, I had waffles with white sauce and bacon, and I made Michael french toast with bacon. Yum! Coffee and the morning paper made for a nice morning.

I have hated all my floor cleaning options thus far. Yesterday I bought a Shark Vac-Steam  machine. Still not utterly perfect (is there such a thing in floor cleaning?), but was quite pleased with how it did. Love that I only have to get out 1 thing instead of at least 2 to get the job done.

Matthew was on a "Park or Bust" kick, so Michael took him down while I finished up the house and cleaned my self up.
Then Ryan drove me down in the golf cart.

Matthew's big thing was digging holes and then filling them back in. Repeat as many times as allowed!  :)
He packed a lunch cooler before we left - nothing but sodas and juice boxes. He knows what he wants - LOL!

Then Michael and I got left in the dust as they raced their vehicles home.

A trip to WalMart was in order. All 4 of us went for a change.
Where we "had" to buy a gun for the Wii to shoot with.

At dusk, we played outside until it was dark with the neighborhood kids.  :)

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