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21 for 31 | Day 1 - October 1st

Almost everyday we go outside to play. In the summer, we're in the pool. But for the past month or so, it's shifted back out to the front yard. The bikes, the golf cart, the scooters, the skateboards and the neighbor kids all come out to play. Lately, the favorite game to play is "accident" - LOL! Matthew will usually drive his Gator around, "crash" somewhere, and then fall out of it, "hurt". The "Rescue Squad" (Ryan and the other kids) come to the rescue, complete with video conference calls (the other kids phones - no, Ryan doesn't have one yet), and emergency care, with "crash carts". Kinda of funny and definately cute!

Suzie and Lily  – (8:07 AM)  

Love all your photos and your son is beautiful!

JanetB  – (1:27 PM)  

That's hilarious about playing "accident". That sounds like something we would have come up with in our neighborhood about, oh...30 some years ago! :o) I'm sure Paul would have come up with flashing red 'disco-ish' lights to make it seem like a real ambulance had come!

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