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P52 : 2010 : Week 16

P52 : 2010 : Week 16, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

April 19, 2010
You in the new classroom. Your first week has gone well. No more one-on-one aide, no more compression vest, no more pencil toppers, putty, bands and star chart. You have been excited to go to school. You have gotten right in and out of the car. You give me a kiss and walk right into the room with no problem. You are sitting either with your class or the whole class when I come to get you and are paying so much attention to what you are doing that you don't even see me for a few minutes. With the exception of one day, you have come in from recess without running when it's time. You are not picking at the scab on your head as much. You are calming down at home. We HOPE this is the answer for you. We want so very much for it to be. We want YOU back, our sweet, eager little boy!
I think the biggest adjustment has been for me - not to see you at school. To get you and Ryan ready that little bit earlier to leave for school. Getting to work late and leaving early to pick you up. Checking with your teacher once a day to see how you have been. Thankfully, she has been really open about talking to me at least once a day to tell me how everything is going. I'm so appreciative of that! We will continue to adjust and go forward. Hoping all the way that this is the answer for you!

JanetB  – (10:05 PM)  

Sounds like lots of big changes! Change is hard...even 'good' change. So glad that this change is making for a happier boy. These kinds of decisions are so tough for parents to make!!! Sweet picture (and also the one of Matthew doing the calendar!) I also love the picture of the boys with the Easter Bunny, and Ryan none too happy to have his picture taken! :o)

Shawnie  – (12:46 PM)  

Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Love the pic of Matthew doing calendar! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I really appreciate friends who can understand my chaos.

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