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Easter's Past

We made our annual track over the this Easter Bunny again this year and got to talking with the owner about how many photos we've taken over the years with him. I have a few years that are missing (an honestly - I think they are on film somewhere), but it's fun to see how much they've grown!

Bunny Background - I learned from the owner this year that this bunny was originally one of many that lined the entrance of the Phoenix Zoo. It's one of the only (if not the only) one that survives and she puts it out each year.
Easter 2004.
I'm pretty sure that there's one before this one, but it must be on film somewhere!
Easter 2006
So sweet with them holding hands...
Easter 2008
I missed 2007 or it's on film somewhere too.
With their matching outfits!
Easter 2009
Getting taller!Easter 2010
Ryan - taller than the bunny this year and totally not thrilled to be taking his photo with the bunny!
I am so grateful that she has this sweet bunny, that she puts it out each year and that she doesn't mind us taking photos with it each year!

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