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2010 Pat Tilman Run

I know that I have a lot more to share here, but wanted to post this. I have my P52 photos for each week and have lots to share (lots of new things happening), but don't have the time right now! So here's about today!

Michael and I did the Pat Tilman Run today. It's our 1st race. I have been training for 11 weeks, and Michael - well, he just went out and did it with me! LOL! Totally kept up with me and totally made it through it!
Here we are picking up our t-shirts and goody bags on Wed.
This morning we got up really early (the boys spent the night at Gma's) and got there after 5:45am. We were standing in our time corral by 6:30 and then had to wait almost an hour until we could move towards the start line.
The view towards the start from where we were standing.

We finally started moving and away we went! It was slow going for there were just so many people there! They said that they expected 20,000 and that there were more than 30,000 there.
We made it to the finish line and here we are right after it!
We went up to the top to try to get some Gatorade (but they were out) and here is the finish from the top.
All in all it was really fun and we very well may do it again next year. Just quite a difference for me from running all by myself to running with so many - LOL! After having done 4.2 miles, I'm ready for the next though. 10K anyone?????
It took us over an hour to reach the highway - we even left pretty much after the race. Then we went to find food (Denny's) and ran into a motorcycle run that was starting and had to wait for them to go past! We've had our fill of traffic, to say the least! Breakfast was good though and now we're home!

evrfwd  – (9:46 PM)  

so proud of you gurl!!!! when and where is the 10k? you could probably twist my arm. =)

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