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P52 : 2010 : Week 12

P52 : 2010 : Week 12, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Today is World Down Syndrome Day! I thought it only fitting to take your photo today and thought I might list 8 things about you as you just turned 8.
1. You love to go have lunch with Daddy on Sunday's, when he is at work. You get up, ask for Daddy and I tell you he's at work. Then you start asking "Lunch? Daddy?" and I will tell you later! You ask me again a few times before it's time to go!
2. You are in a basketball phase. You love to snuggle in Dad's lap and watch it with him at night. We got you a Suns jersey (#13 - Steve Nash) and Suns basketball for your birthday. You are at the point where you can dribble the ball now for quite a bit - I'd say 4-5 times. And you can make a basket in the hoop above our garage in an underhanded throw.
3. You have had that boo-boo on your head now for MONTHS! I think since mid-Nov. I accidently scratched it one morning and then you started to pick on it, making it bigger. We keep a bandaid on it all the time now. It was almost healed this last week and then you picked at it again for the last 2 days. :( Ugh.
4. You have a sweet tooth for the chocolate chip cookies with M&M's in them (store brand, but they're like the Keebler ones). You have taken to crawling up on the counter top (with no help) the last couple of days to sneak into where they are and try to help yourself.
5. You are very much into your MP3 player right now. Every morning, it's usually the 1st thing you reach for and you want both the dogs to come out back with you as you dance around a bit. Then this goes on several times a day! :)
6. You are pretty onery right now. At school and at home. Your temper comes out. And it's not always fun. But luckily we all love you and we are helping you to get over it.
7. You are still quite into Spongebob right now. You got a puzzle, a new DS game, and an Uno set all for your birthday. You watch him on TV whenever he's on. You got a poster to put in your bedroom. Pretty obsessed - LOL!
8. Your sentances seems to be exploding again. You said something as we arrived at Wendy's today - I can't remember what it was, but it struck me as a long sentance and I counted the words. 7 words. It was said with a couple of really brief hesitations in there, but a 7 word sentance! That's huge, buddy!!!!!

JanetB  – (3:51 PM)  

Wow, Michelle, our 'babies' are getting big! (Our youngest will be 8 in May.) Looks like he had a great time with his friends, and it's so nice that the grandparents were able to come for a visit, too! Have a great week!

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