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P52 : 2010 : Week 7

P52 : 2010 : Week 7, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Feb. 20th, 2010
Captured this shot of Ryan with Smokey in his lap yesterday. Pretty much sums up our day - inside for it's raining... again...

Sunday ramblings...

Matthew stayed sick last weekend. he didn't throw up anymore after Sat., but he just seemed off. Mon. night he complained of a sore throat and when I looked - yep - spots. Michael took him in to the doc on Tues. and he did indeed have strep throat again. This time he is taking his amoxicilian like a big boy and it's staying down! Horray!!!! He stayed home Tues & Wed., but had an Awesome Thur. & Fri. at school! We had a meeting on his EIP (time to update it for the year) and the team is doing such a great job adjusting everything for his needs! They are adding in some OT at school - 1/2 hour on Fri.'s per a week. And the OT is going to come to the school - double Yay! His new chart seems to be going well.

Michael and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary on Wed. We got out of school at 1pm on Wed., so we were able to drop the boys off at Gma's right after that and spend the afternoon alone together. My brother had mentioned Best Buy having a 0% financing deal which had me thinking of replacing our washer/dryer. My parents bought them for me before I met Michael, so they were at least 16 years old now. Michael had fixed both of them several times, but the washer was needing work again. So - for 18 months 0% finaincing, we decided to just replace them. Hopefully this fancy new pair will have the same longevity that the last set did!
Michael went pretty much all out for our day! It was so nice! He was going to have flowers delivered to school, but we had a Field Day at school that day and we're were never in the room, and he had a certain helpeer at home with him that day. He looked for basketball tickets for us to go that night, but the Suns were in Dallas. We went to a basketball game on our wedding night and saw the Maverick's play - so that would have been cool! But he did totally surprise me! He kept asking what I might want, and I kept saying there was nothing I needed, but the new washer/dryer and nothing I wanted but a ring off of Etsy and new lenses to my camera which are too expensive if we're going to get the washer/dryer. After we picked out the w/d, ate a nice dinner at Texas Roadhouse, we went home to feed the pups. Then he tells me he got me a little something and did I want my surprise? He had me close my eyes and hold out my hands and he places this little gem in them...

What???? How did you get that? Seems he went in cahoots with Adrian and had her order it, have it shipped to her and then picked it up (With Matthew in the car, since he was home! They were worried that he would spill the beans about having gone to Miss Adrian's, but he never did!). He figured I might see an e-mail or the box or something if he did it, so she kindly ordered it for him! Totally surprised me!!!!!! I love it so far! I took the photos of the boys above with it and the ones in the garden - Yum! Makes me feel horrible though, for I thought we weren't going to get anything for each other and here he went and did this!!!!!! After I tried the lens out for a couple of pics, we went out and got ice cream. Ended up wandering around Fry's, of all places, while we ate it and I found a new frame and basket on clearance. I'll share what I have in mind for the frame when I get it done - hopefully today.

Today - I'm playing catch up again. Trying to get this posted everywhere, updated the photos, and do lots of laundry!!!! LOL! It's going so much faster with the new machines! Nice! Have a great Sunday! More new stuff below...

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