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P52 : 2010 : Week 5

P52 : 2010 : Week 5, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Feb. 2, 2010
A pretty quiet week. We had a 1pm release from school this week and Daddy was home that day. We went to Sir Franks Alot by the airport right after school and had hot dogs! Yum!
Here the boys were doing their homework together at the table. It was just a nice, sweet afternoon. We weren't in a hurry. They weren't fighting. Ryan had someone come to school that day and taught them a little about check writing. They had given them a fake checkbook and Ryan had written out a "check" to Matthew for 2 Trillion $ - LOL - "for being a good brother". Matthew was so excited to get it and said "Thank you, brother!!!" and gave Ryan a kiss on the forehead.
See - sweet, huh?
Matthew is using his new pencil chew stick that we ordered. He's not too bad about chewing on his pencil at home, but at school he's a pencil chewing fiend. So we ordered chew sticks - pencil toppers, a pocket one that goes in his backpack and a "T' one for here at home.

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