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P52:2010:Week 2

P52:2010:Week 2, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Report card time! Ryan made straight A's and today he brought home his Lion pin and his certificate! We're very proud of him!

Both boys actually had good report cards, which was very nice to hear! We didn't think Ryan was going to make even all A's & B's and then to find out he made all A's was a very nice surprise! He really studied hard this last quarter. Matthew behavior still needs some improvement when he's in his large class (but he's also not the only one in there having troubles with paying attention), but he's still doing really well for the most part. Math is not his strength yet, but it's something that I have a hard time fitting in at home. We took them to McDonald's for Matthew one night and to a new place Five Guys Burgers for Ryan another night to celebrate.

I went to the doctor today and got meds, so hopefully I'll be feeling better soon. Sore throat, snotty, just yucky. I haven't been eating the best this week and haven't done any excercising, knowing that I needed the rest more. Hopefully next week, I can get back into the routine of it again!

Feels so good to have all the photos updated finally! I kept taking them, but just needed a little time away from the computer. I am so proud to have done a full 2 years of POTD, only having missed 2 days the 1st year. But this year I need to concentrate on other things, so I'm committing to a Project 52 (one photo a week). It was actually hard to not take a photo the 1st few days - LOL! It got to be such a habit for me to look for photo opportunties.

Have a great weekend and make sure to look on down the line for any photos you haven't seen - I posted 10 new photos including this one!

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