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334:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Ryan has been bugging me to let him put up and decorate a little tree for his room, so this afternoon, I let him. He sat at the counter and did it all himself. I had said something about a star and he told me he had made one already. And yes - he did - a pretty snowflake star!



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We went to WalMart after breakfast at Wendy's this morning to get a few things. I saw that the Santa bench was set up by the photo dept. - LOL! I seperated from the boys and when I went back to find them, I didn't have to search far. I could he him shouting "Santa" from half the store over - LOL! Matthew had seen Santa as he was coming out and it was on! LOL! They hadn't even set up yet! So, he got quite a long visit with the big guy!



332:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Today I am thankful for a peaceful day at home to start decorating! Ryan was with Gma & Gpa today. He had spent the night over there last night and then went to a train show with Gpa. He stayed there most of the day, helping them out and decorating with them. We got the new lights hung outside. Michael put in a new electrical box to plug them in. And we got the tree up and the lights on it.



331:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Today I am thankful for shopping! Yep - up at 4am to get to WalMart to make the boys Christmas special. We shopped most of the day, in fact. Mom ended up watching the boys for us and Michael & I went back out that afternoon. We got probally 90-95% of all our shopping done! Feels so good to say that! I forgot to take a photo while we were out, so this is a little of what we got - blue jeans (WalMart Black Friday special), New LED C9 lights for the outside of the house, a new mag for Michael.



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Today I'm thankful for my parents. For my mom who always cooks such a great Thanksgiving dinner for us. For the friends of the family who brought over "UP" and "Santa Buddies", because they knew the boys would want to see them. I am most thankful for the time spent together with my whole family.



329:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Today I'm thankful for our pets. Smokey turned 2 today and Bella turned 3. We love having them (yes - even you, Smokey) in our lives! It was quite interesting to get this photo - LOL! So it's the best I could get! I'm also thankful today for a friend who was having a rough day. She probally doesn't... know it, but she made me feel better knowing I'm not the only one who feels stressed out about being a mom sometimes. I'm thankful today for the fact that we will have the next 4 days off! Yay!



328:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Today I am thankful for the 1/2 hour I spent at Target after dropping the boys off at school and before I went back for work. I'm thankful for the 1.5 hours I had after school to run an errand at WalMart and browse a bit before I had to get them from school! I'm thankful for that time and know that the time is fleeting, for starting next week my hours increase and there will be no more "me" time. I'm thankful that my hours are increasing next week, the money is always welcome and it will be so nice to be in the classroom a bit more. I'm thankful for a school that puts effort into giveaways. Ryan won a backpack (with speakers in it to play with his MP3 player - he hasn't taken it off since we got home - LOL!) today and I received another free meal ticket from Baja Fresh today from eating there last Friday.



327:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Today I am thankful for Adrian. Not only has she become such a great friend in the - what? 4 years that she has been seeing Matthew, but that she is so good with him. That he LOVES seeing her and that she makes learning so much fun for him!
I am super thankful for his other 2 therapists, Miss Lee and Miss Lynnette, for the same thing pretty much goes there too. We won't be seeing either of them this week. Lynnette has been seeing him since he was 1.5 or 2 and we've had Miss Lee for coming on 3 years too, I think! He loves them all so much!



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Sunday starts a week of things I'm thankful for post and daily photos!
Today I am thankful for my husband, who stayed home with the boys (not to mention did some house cleaning and laundry while I was gone!) while I took in a morning viewing of New Moon with the girls! LOVED it and can't wait until June when Eclipse comes out.



325:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Quiet day at home. Daddy had to work all day (extra Christmas money!:). I had gone shopping yesterday and picked up this cute Santa cup for you. I got out all the Christmas movies today and you were in Santa heaven! We had fun that night at Peter Piper Pizza at a birthday party for Maliyah!



324:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

MT with Miss Lee today! She's going back home to Korea for over a month so this is your last session with her until after the new year! You were sitting in her lap at the end of the session and it turned into a great photo... despite the fact you are about to yawn right after it, tired little boy!

The other cool thing that happened today was I won the raffle at school for the HOPE club! Free food from Baja Fresh! Yum! Ryan and I went there and brought some food home for dinner that night!



323:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Miss Lynnette (OT) brought over these super cute wooden leaves for you to craft today! You did such a great job with cutting out the paper, mod-podgeing it down and then tying ribbons on it! Turned out so cute and it's hanging inside our front door now!



322:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

I remembered yesterday that you were Student of the Week this week and school and that we hadn't done your poster over the weekend! LOL! So you, Ryan and Mommy worked on it last night and you proudly took it to school today!



321:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Ryan helped you with your homework tonight. You had to do a spelling page and one page of bell work that you hadn't finished this morning. You both actually worked well together this afternoon.



320:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Miss Adrian brought PlayDoh today for your Speech Therapy session and you ended up making a Spongebob together! *giggle*



319:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Today I took photos of Miss L in downtown Chandler! I love how they turned out!



318:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Today was Grandma's 70th birthday! We took her and Grandpa out to breakfast at Old Country Buffet! Yum!



317:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Ryan's Egyptian mask. They are displaying all of them in the library at school, so I went in and took a photo of it today. He said that the rings around the eyes were a sign of power for the males - so his has them! :)

They had a fundraiser at school for the HOPE club this morning and brought in Jamba Juice, so Ryan & I had one! Yum!



316:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Miss Lynnette brought this cute turkey for you to make today in OT. You had a blast making it! Then you tied the shoe puzzle a couple of times and played the apple game a couple of times!
You had a bracelet in your backpack today after school and I asked you where it came from. You told me "prize", so I asked you if it was from the Box Tops. You answered "yes". It's so nice to be able to ask you questions about school and have you actually answer me!


Jo Dee Messina's Music Room Series Tour

This is a link to a Fox 10 interview that Jo Dee did the morning of the concert. They talk a little about the concert and she sings her newest song...

Jo Dee Messina's Music Room Series Tour



315:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Veteran's Day, so no school today! We had 2 make-up therapy sessions today instead. Miss Lee came 1st and then Miss Adrian in the afternoon. Miss Lee brought out the Christmas songs for MT, so Matthew was in heaven for that. Miss Adrian brought the Don't Break the Ice game for Matthew and her 24-70 2.8 lens for Mommy to play with for the hour (LOVE it!)! Needless to say - we were both quite happy! LOL!

Ryan had me take some photos of his newest Lego's creation! Built from scratch - no pattern! Pretty good, Huh? He then spent most of the rest of the day knee deep in Legos.

Tonight we're going to take our favorite veteran - Daddy - out for dinner at Applebee's!

I spent a good part (most) of today getting things caught up again. Still have laundry and house cleaning to do, but at this point I figure it can wait until the weekend - ROFL! Got things caught up for the postcard I'll be designing for an astists' group, mailed off the wedding DVD's yesterday, returned e-mails today, got caught up on POTD (hate when I get that far behind posting), did the checkbook. Didn't walk this morning, should have, but didn't. Nice cooler day here today and had the candles burning and windows open for most of it. Cloudy now though...



314:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Playdate day! Matthew sweet little friend came over for a bit after school! They played in the treehouse for awhile, had a snack and watched a bit of a movie!



313:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Ryan made his mask today. They are doing a Egyptian study and are going to make Egyptian masks out of them. I was able to take a few minutes to go downstairs and take a few photos of him while they were doing it!



312:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Today was spent taking all the rock out of the backyard, at least as much as we could. Less of a smorgasbord for the pup.



311:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

We had a really hard time getting Matthew to take his medicine last night. And this morning. He threw it back up. So I called the doc's office and begged them to exchange it for something else. Amoxicillin is not happening. After a small, slightly heated discussion with the nurse who 1st told me he was 7 and we needed to make him take it, he wasn't special needs ("He's not autistic", she said to me), to which I corrected her. Guess she didn't read down in his chart very far. So they filled it with cephalosporin instead. it's still a struggle to get him to take it (can you say Mommy - "Cheerleader Extrodinaire!"), but he's taking it and getting better.



310:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

What to title this one?

Oh- No, he didn't!!!!!
Ooops he did it again....

Take your pick.

Yep - 1 year later, another rock later - this one larger than last years, and another surgery later, Smokey is as good as new again.
We're callin' him the million dollar dog.

We also came home from school early today. Matthew didn't look too good and he felt a little warm when I saw him at lunch. But, having taken him home twice in the last week and having nothing else go wrong, I let him be. Only to pass him and Miss Taylor in the hall on the way to the nurses office 15 minutes later. He got sick at the lunch table.
So - I took him home and got him a doc's appointment for that afternoon. He had the beginnings of an ear infection in each ear and she said that his left lung sounded "thick". The beginnings of pneumonia. So we than spent 1.5 hours at WalMart waiting for his prescription. Smokey had to wait until Michael got off work to be picked up and they still beat us home!



309:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Concert Day! You worked towards the tickets as your goal again today and YES! You made it to 12 stars again! Woot! yes - we would have kept you home if you hadn't have made it, but we're so glad you did.
The concert was awesome! It was the 1st time either you or Ryan had been to one. It was a pretty small concert and was driven by the audience. She stopped inbetween songs and answered questions from the audience and then took requests for the next songs. Matthew danced in the aisles some, which didn't seem to be bothering anyone (at least we hope!). We left before the encores, since it was already pretty late.



308:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Today we left school before 11am. You didn't look good at all and I didn't want a repeat of last Friday. But, once again, as we are walking to the car, you get better and better. Last night, Daddy brought home a voucher for 4 free tickets to go see jo Dee Messina in concert at the Mesa Arts Center. You were working towards them as your goal today. The concert is tomorrow and we needed to go pick up the tickets, so I drove us down there when we left school. And of course I took some photos!
You never did get sick that day. Stinker. You are definately tired though...

Can you see us?????


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