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Matthew ended up sick at school today. He threw up once there and was perking up by the time we left school. By the time we got home, he was back to himself, of course. So glad he's not sick, but I totally don't get it! He missed most of his holiday parties at school last year too - but he was definately sick then. When Ryan got home, we carved their pumpkins. Ryan made a wolf howling and Matthew a smiley face - both turned out great! Ryan did everything but gut the pumpkin - I had to do that for him. And Matthew needed help carving this time - I think he was a bit tired - kept sawing in one spot and didn't move it - LOL! He even scooped out one scoop of guts with his own hand - more than his brother did - LOL!



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Miss Lynnette (OT) came today. I had a meeting (IEP for Matthew) at school that ran pretty long, so Grandma was here to stay with the boys and here to help with the Halloween treats Miss Lynnette brought to do. You made crescent roll Ghosts, Mummy cream cheese celery sticks and Mummy toes (crescent wrapped little hot dogs). Matthew even took a few bites of the Ghost he's holding!

Matthew's been having some issues at school - not listening, not lining up. I've been jumping in more and more helping when I see them in the hallways, trying to help. But it's stressing me out more and more, with my kids to watch and then watching out for him. And I think he's choosing not to listen to his aide, since I'm there and doing more. So we had a meeting with his school team to try to iron things out some. They're going to try a few things to see if it will get him back on the right track again. I hope so. I can't pin it down, but it's just not him. He's also had a cold the last 2 weeks, which doesn't help any. Waking up at night once to twice. I haven't been going on my walks all this week, for I know he's going to wake up at 5:30 or 6 or 6:30 and that I'm going to have to get him back to sleep for a bit. We're also going to change his goals on his IEP a bit to add some math in. So- hopefully things will change some for him in the next few weeks.



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Today we made Halloween cookies after school. Here Ryan is helping Matthew with his homework (reading a tory tonight) - something that he has been doing for the last few nights. Matthew is loving having his big brother help him!

Here's the cookies. You can totally tell which ones Matthew decorated! He PILED on the sprinkles! And, then, in true Matthew fashion - he didn't want to eat one of those - he wanted a simpler one! LOL!

We played out back for a bit that night and Ryan was being goofy! He wanted me to take a photo of him jumping so I did - turned out cute! Funny too with Bella right there looking at him! LOL!



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Not a very exciting photo for the 300th, but I had put up our Halloween decorations over a week ago and hadn't taken a photo of it yet. Not too much else going on here today.

The weather is changing today and tomorrow - supposed to drop 20 degrees from 85 to 65!



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Miss Adrian (ST) brought the Spongebob Ants-in-your-pants game today. You once again just loved playing it with her!

As a silly, fun little thing, I painted my fingernails as candy corn today. Tee-hee! I got alot of compliments on them at school.



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Miss Bonnie brought over 2 garbage bags full of Theo's clothes for you today, Matthew! Couldn't have come at a better time, for I am needing to get into the buckets and get larger clothes out for you! She also brought over these toy tools. You and Ryan immediately got them out and set to playing with them. Such fun!
Being that it was Sunday - a trip to WalMart was also called for, where Matthew sweet talked Daddy into buying the Wubzy's Christmas video for him.

I had made French Toast for breakfast and the made a pot of homemade spaghetti sauce to have for dinner. Yum!



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The Go-Kart came out today. A beautiful day today and we spent alot of it outside playing. The neighbor's cactus was blooming and I took a few photos of it.



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MT with Miss Lee today! You took her over to the Halloween books and she graciously read one to you before you started your session today. She also brought you the DVD with the sessions that we taped on it.



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Miss Lynnette (OT) brought Halloween pages for you to color today. You chose a ghost, colored it and then cut it out! Then you hung it on the fridge to show Daddy when he came home.



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Today was Ryan's conference. He got all A's & B's! WTG, Ry!!!!! Then we came straight home for ST with Miss Adrian. She brought over a game for the 2 of them to play. It was all al little much for Matthew and he had a little melt down at the end. But he got his homework done right after. Then we were able to go pick up a Doodlebops Holiday DVD that he had been waiting for for 2 weeks at the library.



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Today was Matthew's Parent/Teacher conference. He has done really well - there's definately room for improvement though. We went to WalMart after school today to buy new earphones for his MP3 player (he pulled on one side and I on the other this morning and snap!) and ended up with Spongebob Halloween DVD for him and the new Transformers movie for Ryan. A little treat for each for their good grades! (No - Ryan's wasn't until the next day, but I had confidence in him!)



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Fall Break is officially over and back to school we went. Back to the grind of packing lunches and walking in the morning for me! Temps cooled down some, so at least it wasn't 100 on the playground!
Ryan was on PNN this morning, newscaster for the school news. The Book Fair is going on this week, so we went to it after school. Ryan got the Wimpy Kid's Do it Yourself book (he also got the new one today) and Matthew picked out a Matter (Cars) book.


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