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203:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Ha! Mommy surprised you again today with Madyson and her brother & sister coming over to play and to swim! You had SO MUCH FUN! And Ryan had fun too - swimming and running his computer train for Hunter!



202:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

You had a special surprise today! Mrs. Taylor (your aide from school) came over to the house to observe during your therapies and to see you! you loved having her here and even talked her into playing the Wii with you for a bit - bowling and golf!



201:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

You are growing up so much this summer! You don't ever want me to take your photo and usually have this no smile expression when you will let me take it. To my surprise, I asked you to come sit for me and let me practice with my new camera and you acutally did! I didn't get a smile, but did get a good photo of you!



200:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

For some (only Matthew knows) reason, you pulled this long sleeved sweatshirt from your closet today. Rather than argue with you, I told you that you could wear it until we got ready to go somewhere. That made you happy and you even changed out of it without a fuss when it came time!



199:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

You are becoming quite the jumper, Matthew! Quite the change from the beginning of the swim season, when you wouldn't let Mommy or Daddy get 2 inches away from you!



198:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Painting continues!
I have wanted (for years) to paint this door with chalkboard paint and today was the day! The boys are having fun drawing on it and leaving messages! I LOVE it and am so glad we did it! We're talking about adding a strip on the front of the boys bedroom doors for them also...



197:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Miss Lee (MT) brought her guitar again today and she brought Kazoo's! You - of course - tried to play 2 of them at once - and almost succeeded!



196:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

There is this Target by Daddy's work that these giant red concrete balls are in front of the doors. They just make me laugh, for all I can think of when I see them is "Wipeout"s big red balls! Matthew LOVES that show - he laughs hysterically at the people on the obsticle courses! So today I had to take your photo in front of them!



195:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Right before Miss Adrian came today for ST, Matthew you went into your room and came out with the Thomas trains. I told you that you couldn't get them out yet, for Miss Adrain was coming and you sat down with the box in your lap and told be you (in your own way) that you wanted to play with it when she came. So - you waited and you played with them when she came! Ryan had to join in with you for this and it was CHAOS for most of the time she was here this day! But we made it through and you both had fun - that what counts! :)



194:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

More PT with Miss Kelly today! She had you stand on one foot and catch, then throw the ball.



193:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Let the painting begin!
I have been thinking of colors - for like - years now for this house. And I finally committed. Daddy got called into work on this Sunday evening, so the boys and I pulled out the white paint to begin painting...



192:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Today Daddy and I were restless and we decided to take you both up to Sedona. NONE of us had ever been, so it was a good pretty inexpensive, fast, fun little getaway for us all! We drove up, had lunch at Burger King, drove around a bit looking at the gorgeous red rocks and then came home! Loved our time togeter!



191:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

We rented Tiger Woods '10 and both of you were playing it alot today. Matthew got 3 (!) holes in one and Ryan got 1!!! What are the odds of that? You both had alot of fun with it!



190:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Miss Lee (MT) brought this little tape recorder with her today. You both played a song and sang with it while recording it and then she played it back so you could listen to it! Such fun!



189:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

I went up to Diane's today to work. The view of Camelback mountain is just so gorgeous from their home!



188:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Here you were playing a game with Miss Adrian for ST. She brought over this fun Cranium Balloon Lagoon board game. You loved it!!!! She let you borrow it to play for the next couple of weeks too!



187:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

PT with Miss Kelly today. She had you standing on a step on one foot today - you would bend down to pick up a beanbag off the floor and then throw it into a little pop-up basketball set. Then you switched feet and did it again!



186:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

I look over to see this in the recliner - Ryan and Smokey snuggling and watching TV. Two silly boys!



185:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

4th of July!
We had some friends over to swim, eat and play Wii - only - we never got to the Wii! LOL! We had a great time chatting, watching the kids play and swimming. When it got dar, we went to AJ (all Mesa's fireworks were cancelled this year!), found a church parking lot and watched the fireworks! It was a great day!



184:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

We took Matthew over to Gma's today and took Ryan and his cousin, Dominic to see Transformers 2 today! We went at 10am, tried to get there early enough to get good seats (yep - we did!). We had popcorn and soda and had a great time! It was a long movie though! We didn't get out until after 1:30pm! Then we picked up Matthew and came home to swim!



183:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Miss Lee brought her guitar and you are in seventh heaven with it!



182:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Matthew's friend from school came over to visit and swim today! They had so much fun!!! While her mom and I talked, they were going in and outdoors, between the playhouse outside and his room. Talking and playing and swinging! Then we took them outside for a swim. I had a great time talking to her mom - so nice to have adult conversation during the day! :)



181:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Last day of June! My - where has the time gone?
Matthew had OT & ST yesterday. He made a bug jar with his OT. My class had done this earlier this year and I had brought home the extras to do with Matthew during the summer. The jars were cut out, but he colored the bugs (most of them!), cut out the boxes and glued it all down with Miss Lynnette. He and Miss Adrian played with PlayDoh and made letters out of it, then formed and sounded out words!
Gma called and came and got Ryan to spend the night and play with Dominic again. We swam again in the afternoon, of course! Michael stopped at the little Farmer's Market by his work on the way home and bought corn on the cob to eat for dinner! Yum!


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