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Ryan's Final Band Concert

Ryan's final Band concert for the year was tonight. The boys got me one of these little Flip Camcorders for my birthday. I was intrigued by being able to easily upload videos of them doing things up to the blog. So it got it's trial run tonight. I had to sit in the back, for Michael had to go to Vegas to fix an airplane (good excuse, huh?) and Gma & Gpa got there a little late. Matthew was not having sitting still until well after the music started and after two pull outs into the hallway with me threatening to take him out to the car. So - the video is pretty far back, but you can see Ryan in the grey shirt playing the trumpet and you can hear it well! Let me know what you think!!!!








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Happy Earth Day!
The kids in my class had planted their seeds last week, so they were sprouted and got to take them home today. Matthew's class planted their's today, so I guess we'll see them next week sometime. My class also went out in the afternoon and cleaned up the earth (picked up trash around the school yard). Ryan had the "Growing Up" film today in the afternoon. The boys went swimming again when we got home.



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First official 100 degree day and first official day in the pool for both of you! Water is still really chilly, but you both made it for the better part of an hour.
Matthew had a bad day at school and had work to do that he didn't do while there.



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Mr. Potato Head with Miss Adrian. What else would you want to make but a Santa! And then you told her she should make a Princess one with pink sparkly shoes - so she did with your help.



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Um - Yum! A homemade breakfast of french Toast with fresh starwberries and an orange-cream cheese sauce on top! Delish!!!!
We hung out at home most of the rest of the day. Michael took apart the washing machine again and this time it worked when we got it back together! Yay! $20 and 3 weeks of being a pain. Went to WalMart in the afternoon after groceries.


A page...

Lots more photos and such below!

Diagnosis - Strep - click here to see it...



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Playing the keyboard with Miss Lee today!
Daddy is at work. Ryan went with Gma & Gpa to the Fair to see Mr. Gene with this train layout. Mommy cleaned house and got her photos caught up!

Playing Catch up today, so there are several posts with a ton of photos from the last week after this one!
Michael is at work. Ryan just got home from the Fair with Gma and Gpa. The didn't break the world record for the longest train - bummer. I'm finally caught up with photos, just have to make my 365 pages. I'm not even sure what I've posted here lately. I'm really bummed, for unseen problems caused TheDigiChick's gallery to be wiped out. I had 4 years of pages there and it was my most complete gallery. The one that I post everything I do into. And it's all gone. All my comments - all my pages. Just bums me out. All my links on this blog go to there, so I'm sure they're all broken now. Well - I'm certainly not going to re-upload them all - there's just toooooooo many.

Well - have a great weekend!



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Grandma had given you this puzzle/tie set a long time ago and we had passed it onto Miss Lynnette, for you weren't even close to using it at the time and we needed space. She brought it back today and you LOVED practicing tying with it! You did really well until it's time to put the 2nd string around and through. Given the facination you are still having with your shoe strings at school (you had a 3 minute time out at recess today for playing with them at carpet), it is a timely activity for you.



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Ryan - you had your last Battle of the Books today, and I think it will be your last (you just aren't enjoying reading things that someone else wants to you read and isn't very interesting to you). They held it in the gym with you all on the stage and the 4-6th grades watching. You had to wear your shirt to school too. You actually knew 3 of the 4 books for this round. You read one and your teacher had read 2 others outloud to your class. You did well in the 1st round, you said, but not so good after that with your team. Mommy got to see you on the stage, but was busy in her room until after it was over. I had run home to grab a camera (had forgotten even my phone today), but missed it all!



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Today's biggest story is the wind. We normally have next to none around here. We've been pretty lucky lately - it will start to heat up to in the 90's and then a cool front will come through, bringing tons of wind and really nice, cool tempatures.

I did get this cute shot of the 2 of you watching tv together in the afternoon.



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There is a yard up around the corner from us that is just beautiful this time of year. I stopped quickly on my way back to school from lunch and took a few photos. The wind was blowing quite a bit, but I managed to get this shot...



103:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Another quiet afternoon at home. I tried to get a photo of Smokey, but Matthew wanted in and then so did Ryan. Then - of course - it turned into puppy wrestle mania on the floor! :)



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Easter Sunday. You were both up early, excited to see what the Easter Bunny had left for you. Baskets full of goodies, a Lego set for Ryan, a musical set for Matthew and "Bedtime Stories" movies for both of you. He hid the eggs in the house this year, for you to find, since it was so wet outside. We went to Grandma's & Grandpa's for lunch in the afternoon, ate and watched the movie. Then we took a trip over to this bunny for a photo. I think I have photos of you with the bunny for almost every year since Matthew was born.

The Easter Bunny left your baskets full by the fireplace, where you had left them empty the night before. You each had a few smaller toys - a basketball set, a launcher set, a small bowling ball set, a chocolate bunny and some M&M's and Reese's Cups. The "Bedtime Stories" movie was left there for the 2 of you also.

Then you went on the hunt for the clues the Bunny left you. The 1st one was in the bathroom and said "The Green --------". You figured out that was the Green Machine (Mommy's name for the Sportage) and went to the garage.

The second clue was a map to the microwave in the kitchen where you found a clue for Ryan and one for Matthew.

Ryan's was "It shakes alot". Ryan then figured out the washing machine (since it's broken and "walking" across the floor when it runs).

Matthew's said "Nemo's home" which he figured out under the fish tank.

Then you hunted eggs. There were more M&M's, Reese's and some coins in the eggs. Ryan found the Golden egg with $3 dollars in it and shared one dollar with his brother!

Then we went to Gma's. We had turkey and all the fixin's. Miss Phil had made this adorable bunny cake for our dessert.

Grandma & Grandpa had these cute little basket with a little toy and some candy for you.



101:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

We went to the SDSA Easter Party today. It was raining and quite cool here! But we had a great time anyway making crafts, hunting eggs, playing games and seeing the Easter Bunny!


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