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57:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

This is the story of a little boy and shoes that tie. In the weeks following when we bought him these new shoes - he would sit a circle at school and play with the laces nonstop. His teacher and aide understood that he hasn't had tie shoes - velcro is the usual. So, we gave him several weeks to try to get used to them. No avail. I finally gave up and put him back in his old pair. It has been several weeks and I decided to try again. After clearing it with his teacher, I put his old shoes in his backpack on Thursday and sent him to school with the promise of french fries after school if he left them alone. Lasted about 2 minutes at school, I'm told. He asked for FF's after school and I said "No, you didn't leave your shoes alone." So we tried again on Friday. His teacher really stressed the french fries that would be coming and the kids in his class were supporting him too! Success this time!!!! Woot! We did it again with french fries on Monday and then downgraded to a chocolate chip cookie on Tuesday, with success each day. On Wednesday & today - I didn't mention a "prize" just sent him to school. So far - he's still leaving them alone! Yay! Hopefully by next week, we can take out his old shoes from his backpack too! :)

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