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A summary of today in photos.
Got up and immediately searched for which Urgent Care to go to with our new insurance. Luckily, the one that's close does. Filled out the online stuff and realize I have 15 minutes to get ready and out the door to get there when it opens. Throw on clothes and hat, get Peanut dressed and away we go.
Yep. It's strep throat. Off to WalMart to fill his prescription, but realize when we get there it's too early for the pharmacy. Get a few groceries and breakfast. Go home to drop off groceries. Decide to go to CVS instead of back to WM later. Takes forever at CVS, the insurance won't go in right. Finally get meds and go back home. Put meds in soda. Matthew says "Yuck" and won't drink it. I try it. Yuck is right. The 2nd portion I get in his mouth, and he spits it right back out. Talk to him about it and tell him to swallow it. 3rd round is mostly a success!
Cleaning out fridge and realize this pack of cut apples is at it's life and decide to make apple crisp - YUM! Reading alot the last few days, since can't get much else done with Matthew glued to my side. Re-reading a Nora trilogy...

JanetB  – (5:36 PM)  

Did you end up having to get a different computer? Sorry Matthew has been feeling icky. Hopefully he'll soon be on the mend with the Rx. In the picture a few days past, with the boys in their pirates hats, Ryan looks very handsome in a hat! I don't know if it makes his eyes more prominent or what. You should do a photo shoot with him in a baseball cap. I'll bet it would be so cute! :o)

listgirl  – (8:49 AM)  

Michelle - at least you got some good dessert out of the deal! Hope Matthew's feeling better!

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