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Well - Flickr won't let me upload this from there for some reason, so here we go...

Matthew's teacher was interviewed about All Day Kindergarten here and the crew filmed it in their room. Needless to say, my little cutie had quite a bit of airtime! :) He got quite a kick from watching himself on TV too - LOL!

This is the note that she sent home with the kids. Obviously - I knew, since we were at school!

Someone was very happy to see himself on the tv...

This is his teacher...
And here you can see me in the red shirt and Ryan right over my shoulder on the left ...
If you want to see the whole thing for some bizzare reason, it's here!
On the same day, The AZ Republic published an article on Substitute Teachers. They had been in the week before to our class taking lots of photos. So these are the kiddos in my room and the teacher that I am working with right now...

The kids were very excited to see themselves in the paper!!!! Here is the link to read the article, if you'd like to...

Sandra  – (3:59 AM)  

That is so exciting for the kids and you. Keep a copy of it. I didn't keep onee of the time that my daughter meet the Queen on her visit to Australia.

Robin  – (9:15 PM)  

How cool! You're all celebs now!

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