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3 weeks...

Michael has been gone for 3 weeks. To Kansas, to school for Beechcraft. It's been a long 3 weeks and we are very happy that he will be home tomorrow. It's really good that he's been gone in order to learn the plane. I can't imagine him actually learning an entire plane inside and out while being here at home. But man. 3 weeks is a long time. But then, as I type this, I think of Michelle and the other military families out there that would LOVE to only be apart from their loved ones for 3 weeks and I am put back into place again. We are lucky that he was gone for only 3 weeks!

I thought I'd get soooo much accomplished in this last 3 weeks, but alas. Nope - sure didn't. My computer hard drive (in this 10 month old computer) died on me. Luckily, I'd bought a new external hard drive with Christmas money the Sat. before ( my old EHD - 250 G's - is full, so I need a new one), so I was able to heed my computer's notices that the hard drive was dying. I forgot to transfer my fonts, but I had most backed up already from before. It took til Friday for the Dell dude to bring me a new one, spend approx. 10 minutes in my home switching it out and I was surfing again in a few hours.

Then Matthew got strep that weekend. The next week I was just so tired. After I got the house picked up, dishes done, the boys put to bed, e-mails answered, etc. I was just ready to crawl in bed and be done. So - I did. I had all these high hopes of scrapping my heart out - but it didn't happen.

So, tonight I'm trying to play catch up. Got the photos up and done. Ordered some new fun things from Etsy.

I still need to work on the next artwork for Silver Hills, like I mentioned. My (honorary) niece (so stinkin' proud of her!) did a film for them and I ended up building the movie poster for them. It almost ended up as the DVD cover, but didn't happen. Doesn't matter to me - I had a blast doing it! :) Here's a copy of the poster and the link to it at IMDB...

I'm just proud that they liked my work enough (or couldn't find anyone else to do it - ROFL) to have me do more work for them! :)

Found more high school friends on Facebook this week - Fun! So fun to see how everyone is after all this time! One was a really fun find - for he has a daughter who is 4 months older than Matthew - and, get this - has Down syndrome too! What are the odds of that?

There's so much talk of all the budget cuts for the state around here. There's talk that Matthew's services might get cut - the music therapists are in for a 53% cut in their pay! :0 Crazy!!!! And there are lots of budget cuts going into the education system too. The Young Learners program is gone next year, they say. And they are pretty sure that Kindergarten will go back to 1/2 days around here too. If that happens, then my hopes of going back as an aide in one of the K classes at the boys school next year might not happen. Not sure how it's all going to shake down in the end.

It's been really warm here this week - getting up into the low 80's. Nice, but reminds me too much that the heat will be here soon!

Well - it's midnight now. I really need to get to bed. The next few weeks are going to be busy too - Matthew's field trip coming up, Ryan's band concert at school, Matthew's IEP meeting for school and his birthday coming soon! Spring break's coming up soon too! :) Nite!

Debra  – (12:48 PM)  

Beautiful poster!! It looks great!

Three weeks is a long time when the kids are small, you have a special needs child...all those things make it more difficult. It is hard on me and mine are older...but it is trying to work and get them to everything they need to do. It's stressful!

Budget cuts here as well. I have a son who uses the county mental health, and they are cutting funds for adults (which he is), but it affects all the kids in school too, because they will be adults one day as well. It is so hard. They are telling me there may not be medication provided either, and without insurance, his can be $800 a month. I just keep praying!!

Michelle  – (7:33 PM)  

anytime your spouse has to be gone is still a hard time being apart. It's hard doing everything yourself and not having an extra pair of hands, and I'm sure the boys missed him too. Glad to know he's back home now!

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