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31:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Is it perfectly in focus? No! But does it represent a piece of our day? YES! Matthew's MT came today and she had these scarves that they played with - throwing them up and catching them, dancing with them, etc. He had lots of fun with them - even decided she should throw it to him like a baseball and he swung a pretend bat at it! So cute!


New pages...

Here is my most current POTD pages...

And here are the other pages that I've done and apparently not shared here - LOL!

Lily's 1st Birthday

The Magic of Christmas




30:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Lynette and you played Wii bowling for OT today. She’d just gotten a “turkey” (3 strikes in a row) and you were congratulating her!



29:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

I tried to dress a little more professionally today, for the district curriculum people were coming to the school today. I had a note to go see one of the admin ladies this afternoon for a review. Silly little me thought it was going to be about DIBELS training, not a review for my job performance - ROFL! Jokes on me, I guess! I did get a really good review, all in all, so that was really good. And since I was clueless, I wasn't nervous at all - LOL!
Since I was a little more dressed up today (for me at least) - I thought it might be a good day for a self portrait...



28:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

It was cold here this morning - around 32 degrees. The boys had to get out not only their hats and gloves, but their scarves too. No - mind you - they have on light wieght jackets and short sleeve shirts underneath - LOL! By the afternoon, it was 61 degrees again! Still made for some fun before school and fun for mommy with a couple quick photos!

And - I forgot to mention - Mommy had on flip flops - LMAO!!!!



27:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Last night was Open House at school. This is Matthew with his beloved teacher for this yaear, Mrs. Berriz! We had a nice time visiting there - the boys climbed the rock wall in the gym and saw lots of their friends. Daddy got to check out their rooms again...

He's getting taller against Daddy too...


January Week 3

Here's the newest pages for week 3 of January. Same photos and journaling as what's here...



26:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Matthew's ST had thought of this to do with him like - 6 months ago. It took my till last week to remember to send her the photos. I took sequence photos of him doing things - bare toes, socks on, shoes on, standing by the pool, jumping in the pool and then making a splash, etc. Then she has him put them in order - first, next, last and then uses them to have him add to the story. He LOVED it!



25:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

We had a project weekend and spent Sunday putting up a gutter on the back porch. The boys kept entertained by shooting a truck down the slide and across the yard. Matthew was excited about a successful launch!

First I caught him in a serious pose...
Then I caught a brief smile! But the photo's not quite as in focus, still good though.
Then I looked over to see what the dog was up to.

Can you tell???
Burying a bone, of course!



24:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Everyone loves a parade, right? The boys (with my Dad with the sign) where in a little parade in the retirement community that my parents live in!

Dad had a "float" all his own, but it fell apart as they were going along, so we put him in with Ryan. First time the grandson has driven the grandfather anywhere! LOL!

Earlier that day, Ryan had a band event at the Junior High with 5th, 6th and Junior High kids. He had alot of fun and learned alot.



23:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Matthew working with his OT on a coloring sheet. It had numbers on it and the correlated to a color that he was supposed to use for that spot.



22:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Yep. You guessed it. Spongebob again!



21:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Spongebob just sucks them right in, I tell ya! After school today - having a snack...

And then there's Dufus, being a dufus....



20:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

No matter what your thoughts, feelings or political views are, the fact remains... today is a historical day that our children, their children and their children's children will read about in their history books.

It was also our 100th day in school today and the kindergartener's celebrated with hats they made and a small parade through the school! Fun!



19:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Goin' to da show!!!!!!!

I stopped at the little park that I stop at. It's in honor of Barry Goldwater, who's birthday was a couple weeks ago. I thought it was really sweet that they had decorated his statue in honor of that...



18:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

His strong and dark, mine sweet and light. But part of my favorite time of the weekend. A cup of joe and the paper shared with my main man on a Sunday morning.



17:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Pretty laid back day today. We went to BK for breakfast and to let the boys play in the playland a bit. Then back home for Mommy to clean house and do laundry. Daddy took the boys out front while I was doing that and Matthew got out the Rescue Heros again (and had to bring it in!). Daddy took Ryan for his 1st time to play golf - 18 holes. Ryan actually did pretty well and they had a good time!



16:365, originally uploaded by Rynonut Mom.

Two photo day.
Matthew has been sleeping so much lately. It started at Christmas break, sleeping in until anywhere from 7:30am until 8:15am. But now that we are back into the school swing, he has only woken up at 6:30am one day. I'm having to wake him up most days still!
The second photo is him with his OT, Lynette, playing the Wii - Mario Party 8, I think. They had alot of fun!


Project 365

I had time to do my pages for the 1st 2 weeks of January today...

I'm going to try to keep them pretty simple and pretty much the same, so that I'll get them done!

Micheal and Ryan went to play golf today. Should be back soon. I'm pretty sure it's Ryan's 1st time going out other than just hitting some balls, so I'm sure they're going to have some stories to tell when they get back!


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