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He's got the sickies last night and today. So, we stayed home today and we both missed our Christmas parties at school...

I got a call about midday from a mom of his friend at school. Her daughter came down with strep throat and scarlett fever last night and when she heard Matthew was home sick too - she called me. I thought better be safe than sorry and made a doc's appointment. They did a throat culture and the office one came back negative but they sent one off to the lab that's more comprehensive and will take 2 days to get back. Meanwhile, he's kinda perky, but still really off - not his usual self. Alot of little naps today. Alot of mom time.

This one napped some too....

These are the teacher's gifts that I put together last night. We have 8 of them to do this year. A Blockbuster GC, some candy, a candy cane, hot cocoa packet, popcorn packet in a popcorn bucket...
They relaxed together some of the time...

And he chased his new baby and carried it around alot...

Adrian  – (11:10 PM)  

Awwww :( Hope he's feeling better soon...poor dude!

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