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Could life be any better? Searching the holiday toy catalog from WalMart...

Before that, he played the piano with his MT today. We had early release from school and needed to do a make-up session with her...

Smokey resting in a sunny spot this afternoon. He is recovering well still. We debating what to do, for he runs out of his antibotic on Sunday. Do we refill it to make sure that he is well? Or chance it and see if he gets sick again in 3 days like he had been doing? Ah - expensive decisions...

Ryan had a rough homework night last night. Worked most of the time from when he got home till around when he went to bed. He was in a mood and just wouldn't work very hard. We wouldn't let up and so he worked most of the night. But - his hard work paid off and he got a 100% on his spelling test and had very nice penmanship on it to boot!

Quiet weekend planned here. Not too much going on. Gotta go find shoes. Gotta go to WalMart. Gotta clean house. Gotta do laundry. Fun stuff, huh? Just wanna rest. The kids at school have kicked my butt this week and I'm just kinda worn out. Kinda burned out in the digi scene, which is making me sad. Have photography and Twlight on my brain...

Well - speaking of Twlight - off to bed I go!

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